Friday, September 01, 2006

Ann Coulter Calls For Assassination Of A US Senator

Just a few posts below, I made fun of people for getting up in arms over a British TV movie that depicted the assassination of President Bush and the investigation that would ensue. It's a story about the fight against terrorism and how that has strengthened or perhaps weakened our rights here in the US.

So can I criticize far right columnist Ann Coulter for saying "They Shot The Wrong Lincoln" and excoriating Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee? You bet. One is a fictional film looking at the assassination of a President and the fallout. The other is vicious, dehumanizing attack on a US Senator. Coulter calls Chafee a "half-wit," "dysfunctional and illiterate" and so on, saying the Republican Party is debasing itself by nominating him for public office. If Michael Moore or anyone on the left called for the assassination of President Bush, I'd excoriate them too. The strongest anyone on the left gets is to call for Bush's impeachment, which of course the far right attacks as beyond the pale. Meanwhile, they joke about killing US Senators. Ha-ha.


I am not Star Jones said...

no one takes ann seriously anymore. i mean does what she say truly impact policy -- sure it provides copy for the media and ensures a few more booksales to rabid rightwingers
but does ann have any impact on real world issues?


she's over. it's best just to put her in a corner so she can drink some pinot grigio with her best friend, drudge.

Michael in New York said...

Very funny name, not star jones. I agree Ann Coulter has no credibility with anyone of intelligence. But her new book is on the NYTimes bestseller list for 10 weeks now and she is regularly seen as a commentator on mainstream news talk shows (and not just on Fox). She is so clearly on the fringe that NO respectable outlet should have her on the air, any more than they'd have say David Duke on the air to hear his comments on world affairs. No respectable paper should carry her column. How far off the deep end does she have to go before people (and advertisers) are ashamed to be linked to her? Clearly, that hasn't happened yet and it should be a goal of liberal groups to discredit people like Coulter and Focus on the family by bringing to attention their lies and misdirection and rabidly vile comments. The traditional media has to be taught these people can't be trusted so they'll stop quoting them, giving them airtime and helping deceive people into thinking their opinions are valid. Ill believe she's not taken seriously when her books don't become bestsellers and she's only seen on Hannity & Colmes, not CNN.

I am not Star Jones said...

i completely agree with you but
I don't have any hope for news/tv show producers giving up featuring ann's special brand of vitriol.

the question isn't how far off the deep end does she have to go before media/advertisers repel her.

the question is
how come the media and advertisers are so incredibly comfortable with being the means for her to spew her madness?

and i'm glad you like my name. I like to make people laugh.