Thursday, September 07, 2006

James Frey Will Give You Back Your Money

Anyone who felt cheated after they discovered James Frey had lied about many (if not most) of the exploits in his "memoir"/novel "A Million Little Pieces" can get a refund. You don't even need a receipt. Depending on the version you bought, you simply ahve to turn in a page (in the hardcover it's page 163), the cover itself (if you bought the paperback) and so on, along with a sworn statement that you would not have bought the book if you'd known that certain facts had been embroidered or changed.

I like that: james Frey lies to millions of people, claiming over and over again that everything that happened in his little work of fantasy was true. He lies to the millions of people in recovery (whose first step includes being HONEST about their problems) by telling them he was just like them (but worse). He lies to Oprah, for God's sake. And then when he admits his lies, instead of just offering a refund to anyone who felt gyped and would take the time to go through the process of getting in, he DEMANDS a SWORN STATEMENT. Because of course, you can't trust people, can you?

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