Monday, September 04, 2006

MTV's Video Music Awards Put Everyone To Sleep

Maybe it was Al Gore's mini-lecture (and annoyingly they didn't even really show the photos of environmental devastation in a way that people at home could appreciate). Whatever the reason, this year's bloated, jaded VMAs was a yawner for everyone: ratings were down 27% from last year (and 31% in kids -- it doesn't help when people like me are watching). The 5.8 mil total viewers is almost half of the 10 mil viewers they reached in 2002. Bigger and bigger and bigger isn't always better. Sure, 3.8 mil people went online to see coverage, but that doesn't make up for the fall-off and of course a lot of those online people are the same kids who were watching on TV but multi-tasked to see what could be seen backstage. Do you really think millions of kids looked at footage online but DIDN'T turn on their TVs to the broadcast? Uh-uh.

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