Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Queer Eye" Maybe Isn't Cancelled? But Probably Is

"Queer Eye" cast members basically said the show would end after the new batch of shows they just filmed air in 2007. But then Bravo said, "Hey, don't say the show is cancelled. We're airing a new batch of shows in 2007." We know that, but afterwards it's over, right? Now, again, it seems likely that the makeovers will come to an end.


Anonymous said...

The show has already ended, the Fab Five's contracts were up this summer, and they declined to renew. I was at the taping of the big special 'last ever episode.' The episodes airing in early 2007 were shot earlier this year.

Michael in New York said...

That was my understanding. But when the cancellation was announced a few months ago, Bravo apparently got all huffy and insisted nothing was set yet. But obviously you';re right. I was at the taping of their 100th episode earlier this year when they were staging a Straight Man Beauty Pageant and everyone was trying to insist they were gallpoing along when it seemed more like the end.