Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin's Last Moments Caught On Tape

Yes, the camera was rolling when Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died. How long before it gets out?


priv8pete said...

"Quintessentially Australian circumstances"? Wow, we're a bunch of pussies in the States. What would "quintessential American circumstances" be? Heart attack? Homocide?

Michael in New York said...

A heart attack while asking to biggie size your McDonald's Happy Meal.

Homicide from a neighbor angered over your refusal to turn off your 10,000 bulp Christmas light spectacular after it had kept them awake for three days running.

Suicide after spending 17 hours on the phone with your Internet provider troubleshooting your faulty connection, at the end of which the nice young man from Bangalore said all he could suggest at this point was that you simply buy a new computer.

Anonymous said...

This is such a said thing how could this happen to such a great and helpfull guy steve irwin had a wife and 2 kids and he did what ever he could to save or help an animal or animals he was just an all around good guy he did nothing bad so with a life and family like this why should a guy like this dye he just dosent deserve what he was givin he should be the person to live till he 105 or furthur i just think its a horrable thing to happen to him and his family and also people who new him as a good friend.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the last message i ment to say sad not said