Saturday, September 02, 2006

Weekend Box Office -- "Invincible" Remains So

Thanks to number crunching and predictable audience behavior, movie studios often know what movie you're going to decide to see on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon even before you do. That's why by Friday night, they can usually predict exactly hwo the weekend box office is going to pan out. "The Illusionist" disappointed me a bit (it's based on a story by the writer Steven Millhauser, whom I love) but that made me overlook its many modest virtues: namely fine acting by Edward Norton and a plummy Paul Giamatti and the fun setting of the world of Victorian era stage magic. So it's doing better than I expected. And I'm way behind on my B movies -- I still haven't seen Mark Wahlberg's "Invincible" or the delightfully cheesy looking "Step Up." Here's the top ten per Box Office Prophets.

1. Invincible -- $9.9 mil ($27.2 mil total)
2. Crank -- $9.5 mil
3. The Wicker Man -- $7.7 mil (it's been a long time between hits for Nic)
4. Little Miss Sunshine -- $6.5 mil ($29.3 mil total
5. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby -- $5.7 mil ($133 mil total)
6. The Illusionist -- $5.2 mil (total tk)
7. World Trade Center -- $4.2 mil ($59.8 mil total)
8. Accepted -- $4.1 mil ($25 mil total)
9. Step Up -- $3.9 mil ($54.2 mil total)
20. Cross Over -- $3.4 mil

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