Monday, January 23, 2006

Late Nite Open Thread

Jay has the best musical guest -- Ladysmith Black Mambazo with Sarah McLachlan performing "Homeless" (one of their tracks from Paul Simon's "Graceland"). But Dave has Anthony Hopkins, who is proving increasingly egotistical. Does anyone remember that career award he just got at the Golden Globes? Gwyneth Paltrow deemed him the Laurence Olivier of our day and Hopkins nodded his head in polite agreement. ("Quite right," he might have said, though you knew he was thinking, "Actually, Olivier was the Anthony Hopkins of his day.") But the movie montage that followed was excrutiating and awful. They showed clips from virtually every piece of junk Hopkins has appeared in. "Meet Joe Black?" "Amistad?" A full minute from the possessed ventriloquist's dummy "Magic?" "The Edge," that forgettable flick with Hopkins and a bear? Perhaps the Olivier that Paltrow had in mind was the late career ham who would star in just about any piece of junk for the right price.

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