Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Lost" Hobbit Speaks Out On Drugs

Unlike Paul McCartney, "Lost" star and one-time hobbit Dominic Monaghan is not about to take an abstinence pledge (even though he's dating the show's Evangline Lilly). Monaghan says he's used drugs like pot and LSD but never abused them. And he talks about it becuase his idol John Lennon did the same. But his character Charlie (who gets highlighted in tonight's new episode) can keep the heroin -- that's a little stern for him. And Monaghan's been dry for over a year. So maybe he's not such a free spirit as all this suggests.
"The temporary highs that I've felt on drugs pale in significance to the highs of a sober mind, catching a good wave in the water or being in love, or hugging my mama or feeding my chameleons."

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