Monday, January 23, 2006

"Law & Order" To Face Off Against "Lost"

NBC executives announced lots of new shows and timeslot changes for the fall. (Goodbye "West Wing" and "Will & Grace.") The most dramatic? "Law & Order" will move up to 9 p.m. and face off against "Lost" on Wednesdays. Neither show has to be the loser here, since two very popular shows can flourish opposite each other. I'll bet they both stay in the top 20, with "Lost" naturally doing better. The original cast members of that drama just got a raise to about $80,000 an episode. Good news for them. The bad news for us? They were also asked to extend their contracts (probably to six seasons). "Lost" should be building to a finale in season three, not planning a long run. Frankly, it already feels like it's running out of ideas.

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