Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pixar Kills Cheapo "Toy Story 3"

You read it here first. Popsurfing predicted new Disney animation head John Lasseter would put a stop to cheapo, direct-to-DVD sequels to Pixar gems like "Toy Story." According to the UK's Independent, that's exactly what he did on Wednesday. No word yet on how Lasseter will deal with the highly lucrative flood of direct-to-DVD sequels for Disney classics like "Bambi II" (which is out in ten days.) (Perhaps I missed the story about Lasseter kiboshing "Toy Story 3"when my computer was down? A Monday story by Variety about Lasseter taking over makes no mention of it, oddly enough.)


Anonymous said...

I just went to see the Chronics. It's an absolutely awful movie; bad sets, bad costuming, bad makeup, bad score, bad scene selection, badly acted and horrible dialogue. Plus it focuses on the most violent aspects of the book, making it totally unsuitable for the young audience it's been aimed towards. If I had taken a five year old to see it, I'd want to sue Disney. I rate it five rotten tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my comment was only tangently related to your post. I needed to vent. :)

Gyrobo said...

I think it's high time someone came out and said it. Those direct to DVD movies are a menace to society.