Tuesday, January 24, 2006

X-Box Units Very Scarce

Microsoft has done a terrible job of filling demand for their new edition of the X-Box. They should at least have planned for 2 million units. They said they expected to sell 3 million by the end of February, but as of Jan 1 they've only shipped 1 million units worldwide. That plus the lack of new games to take advantage of its new capabilities is turning the X-Box into a dud. If you haven't bought it yet, why not wait till the next PlayStation comes out? Why do you care if you're not a gamer? Because everyone is fighting over the next version of DVDs, and with X-Box stumbling, its (future) support of HD-DVD is one more nail in the coffin of that format. Expect Blu-Ray to triumph and the format war to fizzle out before it gets started.

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