Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WB and UPN merge Into New Network - An Update

The big story of the day is the merger of the WB and UPN into one network. Now instead of those two weblets fighting over fifth ranked bragging rights, they can spend their day explaining why being fourth among girls aged 13-22 makes them an essential buy for advertisers. Priv8pete asked what would happen to his local UPN and WB stations. In most cases,the UPN would become The CW and the WB stations would be orphaned (depending on the area they cover).

But the big question for viewers is, "What will happen to my favorite show?" I've updated the list (I forgot about "Everwood," which isn't airing this week. I think it's safe for another year, unlike the similar and weaker One Tree Hill.) And blogger Magnolia pointed us to a comment by Les Moonves echoing our suggestion that "Gilmore Girls" followed by "Veronica Mars." Let's hope, though tiny signs of life means a third season should happen.

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