Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Warner Bros. Opens DVD Floodgates

An early supporter of DVDs, Warner Bros. is still sitting on a bigger goldmine of untapped movies than any other major studio. That will change this year when WB releases 200+ titles. (Maybe they wanted to make us pay before putting them out on Blu-Ray DVDs and making us pay for the same movies all over again.) Among the goodies: collections for Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable and a "Superman" box that includes the legendary Richard Donner cut of "Superman II" that's almost three hours long. Expect it out in time to coincide with the June 30 release of "Superman Returns."


Ed Sikov said...

I'm still waiting for the phone call asking me to do the commentary for PARACHUTE JUMPER, which obviously will be a major release.

Michael in New York said...

Some day. And some day I'll get to do commentary on "Jazz On A Summer's Day" -- Ive forced enough people to watch it to deserve that at least.