Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Box Office -- Final Figures

The Hollywood Reporter has final figures for the weekend, with both "Big Momma's House" and "Nanny McPhee" doing better than expected, "King Kong" dropping out of the Top Ten, "Syriana" collapsing as it goes wide and "Brokeback Mountain" moseying along to $50 mil. Most notably, "Bubble" was a disaster. It opened on 32 screens and grossed a measley $1,625 per screen. The one type of film that could make a go of opening in the theaters and on DVD the same day -- a franchise picture like "King Kong" or a sequel like "Bambi II" -- is exactly the sort of film that would be least likely to do it. A tiny, no-budget, no-star movie like "Bubble" is precisely the film that NEEDS tender loving care, good reviews, and positive word of mouth via a theatrical run to build an audience for a DVD release.

1. Big Momma's House -- $28 mil
2. Nanny McPhee -- $14.1 mil
3. Underworld: Evolution -- $11.1 mil ($37 mil total)
4. Annapolis -- $7.7 mil
5. Hoodwinked! -- $7.4 ($37.7 mil total)
6. Brokeback Mountain -- $6.4 mil ($49 mil total)
7. Glory Rpad -- $5.2 mil ($33 mil total)
8. The Last Holiday -- $4.9 mil ($30 mil total)
9. The Chronicles of Narnia -- $4.4 mil ($276 mil total)
10. The Matador -- $3.8 mil ($5.5 mil total)

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