Monday, January 23, 2006

UK Charts: Arctic Monkeys The Latest Next Big Thing

The UK goes crazy hyping every new band. The music press will tout a group as more important than the Beatles before their first single has even been released. Then a week later, they'll do it again with someone else. But of course sometimes they're right and a new band really is worth watching. That was true of Magic Numbers (whose debut was one of my favorites of last year) and Hard-Fi (ditto) who are perched at Number One on the album charts in the UK. And the Next Big Thing? Arctic Monkeys, whose third big hit debuts at Number One on the singles chart with "When The Sun Goes Down." (At Number Three is Will Young, the very first winner of "Pop Idol," and someone who like Kelly Clarkson is having a real career.) Their album comes out this week and I've already ordered an import so we'll know soon how they measure up.

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