Friday, March 24, 2006

Overnight TV Ratings -- "American Inventor" Holds Steady

Simon Cowell's latest TV project is a pale shadow of American Idol -- American Inventor looks cheap and has annoying judges, including a woman that tears up during every sob story (no one bought a product because the inventor's mom had cancer, I'd point out). Still, this early stage is fun since you get to see the crazy ideas people have devoted endless amounts of time and money on. I can't imagine what they're going to do once the inventors are narrowed down and have to improve their product. Is test marketing really good TV? The show still hasn't faced CBS's regular powerhouse lineup but against the NCAA it drew almost 13 million viewers compared to basketball's 12.5 million for the night. Speaking of shadows, NBC doesn't even have a top ten show on Thursday anymore and ER barely makes it into the top 20. I watched Will & Grace for the first time in ages and it was sad: Will and Grace still live together, Jack is still man-crazy and they still think going to a gay bar and seeing guys in cowboy outfits (in New York City?) is the height of funny. Very tired. It felt like a rerun from three years ago (without the laughs) instead of a new episode.Everybody Hates Chris had one of its best episodes yet, with the death of grandpa affecting mom in unexpected ways. (Here's hoping her mother comes back again soon; very good sparring partner for the usually steamrolling mother). And My Name Is Earl remains a delight. It also drew 11.3 million viewers, an improvement on W&G and an Earl rerun. But Thursdays ain't the same anymore.


Anonymous said...

Inventor sucks, but Earl is a lot of fun. If his ex-wife doesn't get an emmy nomination, they are fools.

Anonymous said...
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