Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gary Glitter Vs Michael Jackson: Who's Nuttier?

Musician Gary Glitter -- famous for his sports arena staple "Rock & Roll Part 2" -- is vying with Michael Jackson for the title of "Pop Star Who Digs Their Grave Deeper Whenever They Try To Defend Themselves." Glitter spent time in jail in the UK for downloading kiddie porn and then fled what he believed were the more welcoming arms of Asia, where the sex tourism industry is sadly active. But now even Vietnam has convicted him of molesting two little girls aged 11 and 12. He's been sentenced to three years in jail and is out on appeal. Among his quotes: "I'm not a paedophile -- I came to Cambodia because I read a book about the Mekong." Is he SURE he's never slept with an underage girl? "It was only recently that I found out that underage is 18 in the country, OK, but I don't believe that I slept with anyone under 18." And like Michael Jackson he admits he's shared a bed with little girls but knew "the line to cross." I think he was trying to say he knew the line NOT to cross, but we get the point.

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