Thursday, September 07, 2006

Anderson Cooper To Take Over CBS's Morning Show?

That's the rumor per Roger Friedman of Fox News. Cooper's amiable personality makes sense for a morning show and sure CBS and CNN share anchors a lot. (Cooper is already reporting for "60 Minutes.") But Cooper would have to give up his 10 p.m. show on CNN, one of the few bright spots for the news channel. Would they let that happen? And would Cooper walk away for the perennial third-place CBS broadcast? I don't think so. I think Cooper prefers the gravitas of primetime. But it is intriguing. Also, Friedman compares Kelly Clarkson to Linda Ronstadt, which makes sense when you think of their booming, clear voices. Here's hoping Clarkson shows one-tenth of the ingenuity and curiosity and versatility of Ronstadt, who I think is the most under-appreciated pop singer around.

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