Thursday, September 07, 2006

Boy George About To Release New Single

From sweeping the streets of New York to a showcase in London with the hottest songwriter around Amanda Ghost (James Blunt's "Beautiful," work with Beyonce and Janet Jackson and so on) -- yes, it's a good time to be Boy George. His new song is "Time Machine" and it's billed as his first commercial single in eight years. Technically true, but during that time George has of course written the songs for a musical that ran successfuly in the West End and (less successfully) on Broadway. It contained some of his best songs in his career, so George has hardly been invisible. Plus, as you may remember, I had a bet with my sister back in 1984 who claimed Culture Club was a flash in the pan when I insisted George actually had talent and would be around in some form or another for many years. Our bet was for 1994, which I won of course, but I've enjoyed reminding her of how right I was every time he does something new. When this song debuts at #1 in the UK, I'll get to make another gloating phone call. Go Boy!

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