Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Futurama," "King of the Hill" To Return?

I haven't been covering the annual mid-season convention when TV execs tout their new shows and explain why they're doing really, really well and their competitors are not. (The convention is one reason there are no overnight ratings readily available this week.) But Fox execs had a lot to say worth mentioning. They've cancelled the dog-tired sitcoms "Malcolm in the Middle" and "That '70s Show" but claimed they were only pulling the plug because "we didn't want to see these shows kind of crawl to their ending." Um, then you should have cancelled them two years ago before the stars left "70s" and "Malcolm" faded into irrelevance.

As for other shows, they're too embarrassed to say "Arrested Development" is cancelled -- probably because ABC and Showtime want to pick it up -- but admit it's all but dead. The unsung "King of the Hill" -- one of the most believable sitcoms of the past five years -- could come back for more episodes in 2007. And the long-gone "Futurama" is not out of the question for a revival a la "Family Guy." For more news, check out Mediaweek's column by Marc Berman.

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