Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Open Thread

Blogger was down all morning.


Ed Sikov said...

I know. I actually had to work. I'm transcribing an interview with the costume historian David Chierichetti, who told me, in regard to the breasts of Miss Bette Davis:

“She had these long breasts that hung down to her waist. Orry-Kelly wanted to give her bras that had underwires in them to push them up, but she thought that the metal would give her breast cancer. When she was doing a period picture like Jezebel, she’d wear a corset. In The Little Foxes she wore a corset, too, and that pushed it all up pretty well. There’s one outfit in Now, Voyager - I can just tell by looking at her what kind of bra she has on – that pushes them up. But if you pushed too hard, her breasts would just fold over her shoulders.”

Michael in New York said...

Good lord. Why do I keep thinking of Drew Barrymore's outfit at the Golden Globes?