Friday, January 20, 2006

The President's Polling Numbers Are Falling

Not Bush: Geena Davis. "Coomander in Chief" has dropped dramatically in the ratings since its smashing debut. Do you blame creator Rod Lurie, who got so overwhelmed and behind shcedule they had to shut down production for three weeks? That forced the show to go on hiatus after just a few episodes? (Until then, the show was going like gangbusters.) Or do you blame new showrunner Steven Bochco, the edgy creator of "NYPD Blue" who seems an odd fit for a family friendly drama like this? Or do you just blame the show, which has the President interrupt preparations for a nuclear showdown to chat with her duaghter? Well, we blame their snafu on showing the Iraqi flag when they meant to show the North Korean flag. No one trusts a president who doesn't get their facts right.

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