Thursday, January 19, 2006

Primetime Preview

Finally, a new episode(I believe) of "Everybody Hates Chris." What do it and "My Name Is Earl" have in common that "Arrested Development" doesn't? An essential sweetness. That's the difference between a cult hit and smash. (Except for "Seinfeld," the exception....) Richboy aka Aaron will have his eye on round three of Dancing With The Stars and the karaoke competition on the (also sweet-natured) "Beauty and the Geek."(I'll keep an eye on the in-the-works spin-off with hunky guys and dorky gals.)And yes, NBC has a Sorta-Should-See lineup with the dying "Will & Grace," Seth Green on "Four Kings," "Earl" and the ever-improving "Office."

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priv8pete said...

Does it smell like up-dog in here?