Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sundance Sneak Peek

Sundance starts tomorrow and USA Today has a good preview of ten movies people are talking about. It's led by the new Paul Giamatti drama "The Hawk Is Dying," whic especially interests me. It's based on a book by Harry Crews, who I took a writing class with in college (when he bothered to show up sober) and my friend Gene Page worked on the film as a still photographer.

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Carolyn said...

Your friend Gene has some impressive credits. I'm also interested in the other Paul Giamatti film "Illusionist." I like period dramas; I'm a history buff.

You do know I had to set up a blog just to comment here correctly, right? I called it "Infinity Sucks at Me." Don't ask me why, it just came to me.