Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Today"/"GMA" Open Thread

Hello from Birmingam, Alabama where I'm speaking at my niece's high school for (lack of) Career Day on Friday.


Carolyn said...

Oh, God, Michael, good luck in Bama. I'm in the north Georgia mountains and even I consider Alabama to be a redneck jungle. (Georgia and Alabama are school team rivals. We insult each other alot.)

I visited your other site and I'm so impressed. Wow, you've interviewed Clive Barker and Ray Bradbury. You really know the biz, don't you?

I got the impression that you love westerns and hate remakes. Am I right?

Michael in New York said...

I like good westerns and dislike bad remakes. But it's fair to say so few westerns are made that even a so-so one (just like a so-so musical) is pretty welcome. And remakes tend to be unnecessary, but I'm not all fundamentalist about it. Ocean's Eleven with Clooney and Damon and Pitt was far superior to the Rat Pack original. I won't mention Ocean's 12. Isn't Georgia's mascot a vicious animal increasingly banned by most states? Just sayin'. (I'm a Gator myself -- went to University of Florida.) My other site has been down with technical problems and hasn't been updated in months but I think it's just about ready to be tackled when I get back on Monday.

Biboy said...

My family comes from Georgia. The "Smith House" in Dahlonega originally belonged to some relatives. My grandfather, after whom I'm named, was a minister and founder of the large church camp outside of Dahlonega (the Reverend Biboy Sr.).

Carolyn said...


Oh, wow, I live just a few miles from Dahlongea over the line in Dawson county, the home of ridge running. I moved out of Atlanta about two years ago.

I've eaten at the Smith House. It has pretty good food with border style service. It's fun - you sit at tables with strangers. You can also pan for gold in front of the place.

Carolyn said...


I'm sorry for messing up the spelling of your name. I have an eye disease and when I've been reading too much, things start getting blurry.