Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Harvard Cheater Gets "F" From Publisher

Sometimes justice is served. The Harvard cheater who plagiarized at least three different books by best-selling authors has been sent back to school. Her publisher announced they WOULDN'T be printing a revised version of her book (good idea, since a revised version would have been more like a short story), and they WON'T be publishing her second book. It's unclear whether they'll sue to get their $500,000 advance back. (Apparently, that just isn't done in the publishing world, even if you've been defrauded.) This should be the end of it...but it won't be. Sooner or later, someone will publish a teary article by the author about her travails -- either how she was railroaded by PC-attitudes towards plagiarism or simply because she traded in chick lit cliches OR a "genuine" confession about how she stumbled up against deadlines or lack of creativity and found herself guiltily doing what lots of students sometimes do: cheat. And then someone will give her a book deal for a memoir and she'll joke about how it isn't plagiarized because it's her life and then she'll go on Larry King. Ugh.

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