Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"What Is Popsurfing?"

What is is a blog covering pop culture. Come here for up-to-the-minute chats about your favorite shows; updates on the news that matters; early sneak peeks at new movies, CDs, theater, TV shows and books; and smart dissections of the pompous, foolish and downright silly coverage of pop culture in the traditional media. Don’t come here looking for gossip.

Get more specific.

We’ll keep the traditional media honest by needling their pretensions, pointing out their lies (no, the movie industry isn’t hurting for profits), and laughing at their foolishness. We see every movie, watch every TV show, read every book, listen to every CD and go to every play and musical – often before they’ve even been reviewed – and we’ll tell you which ones to keep an eye on. Every night, we’ll have open threads where you can chat while your favorite shows are on. And every morning, we’ll have water-cooler threads to dissect the latest plot twists. You can look for our analysis of the latest charts – what’s hot at the movies, on TV, on the music charts, on the best-seller lists and so on – as well as what it means. We also cover the break-out hits in the UK and elsewhere, so you’ll be the first to know about shows like “The Office,” books like “Harry Potter” and bands like “Hard-Fi” before anyone else. Best of all, we’re not overly obsessed with the latest, the hottest, the youngest, the fabbest and so on. We care about what’s good. Is that so wrong?