Thursday, October 14, 2021

IRA How To Do a Top 100 List for Decade Genre All-Time Etc

 When doing a Top 100 Movies of All Time or Top Comedies or Top Silent Films or Top Shorts or Top Films of the 1930s: 

1. Everyone submits an unranked list of 100 films. 

2. Those movies are thrown into a big pile with each vote for each film garnering one point. We get an overall list of movies, break ties and then vote to eliminate the bottom few so we get a solid 100 films. 

3. Those movies are presented alphabetically to the group as the 100 movies that will be on the final list. 

4. Members then rank those 100 films from 100 points at the top for their favorite to 99 points for their second favorite down to 1 point for their least favorite. 

5. Those points are tallied up and we end up with a ranked list of movies. 

6. That list is then voted on by batches of ten, starting with the movies ranked at 91-100. Members rank those movies to determine their order. Then we do the same with 81-90 until the grand finale when we rank the 1-10 films on the list. 

Voila! A new list.