Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Twin Peaks, Hatchet II and More!

I assume if you're reading this blog that you've subscribed to me on Twitter or friended me on Facebook. Those will automatically let you know when I've got a new article, seen a movie, read a book, etc. without you having to bother to come here and check. But for those of you kicking it old school, here are links to my first two articles in the Los Angeles Times. I owe a big thanks to my old college friend Geoff Boucher for the opportunity on both of these -- he's been a star at the LA Times for quite a few years now.

The first is on the 20th anniversary of Twin Peaks.

The second is on the horror film Hatchet II and its battles with the MPAA.

Finally, here are my two most recent DVD columns for Huffington Post: one pegged to Steve Carell and the other leading off with A Prophet, one of the best films of the year.