Monday, October 27, 2008

Joan Baez on Palin, Obama and Her New CD

My latest Huffington Post is an exclusive interview with Joan Baez where she talks about Sarah Palin, John McCain, her new CD, what she would sing at a Presidential inauguration and why she's endorsed Obama for President -- it's the first endorsement of a politician she's made in her entire life, by the way. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Campbell Scott in The Atheist and Christine Lahti in A Body Of Water

My latest Huffington Post contains reviews of two shows -- Campbell Scott in The Atheist and Christine Lahti in A Body Of Water -- as well as a roundup of what others critics said.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Tina Fey's World...We Just Live In It

My latest Huffington Post begins with a look at Tina Fey's current domination of the zeitgeist and moves on to Hitchcock, Welles, Cartman and more.

My New York Weekend

Okay, the world is melting financially and literally, but that doesn't mean I can't still have fun. Friday night I went to a play starring Campbell Scott down in the Village. Saturday, I went to Joe's Pub for a free concert with Raul Midon at 2:30. Then I wandered down to an art gallery exhibiting prints of John Lennon scribbles -- great fun even if the notes describing the works treated Lennon like Gandhi and Einstein and Picasso rolled up into one and the noble tone spoiled by t-shirts on sale at the register. A beautiful, beautiful day so I kept walking. Up to Katz's deli for a late lunch. Then more walking in a fruitless search for dessert. Up town to Union Square, peering into stores and restaurants, people watching, soaking up the day. Then the train to 51st street where we jumped off at the last moment and headed to a tiny bakery for a treat before our 9 p.m. start time for another play, this one starring Christine Lahti. That was followed by headng home, some chicken noodle soup, watching a very bad movie -- Journey To The Center of the Earth -- while wearing 3-D glasses and then seeing the Rays beat the Red Sox. Total cost of the day: $18 (plus the soup). Hey, if I didn't have to pay rent, New York City could be very affordable.

Monday, October 06, 2008

"Fifty Words" and "That Other Woman's Child" reviews

My latest Huffington Post post is a review of the play Fifty Words and the musical That Other Woman's Child. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mother Nature On Trail

The NYTimes does a story on the cases filling the Supreme Court docket in the coming year. I was struck by this passage on some environmental cases:

Federal courts in California have issued injunctions limiting the use of sonar in Navy training exercises off Southern California on the ground that it harms marine mammals. In Winter v. Natural Resources Defense Council, No. 07-1239, the Bush administration argues that the training is vital to national security and that the courts should not interfere.

In Summers v. Earth Island Institute, No. 07-463, the court will consider who has standing to challenge environmental regulations. Winter and Summers will be argued on Wednesday, and decisions are expected by the spring.

Surely, that last line should be rewritten to read: "Winter and Summers will be argued this fall, and decisions are expected by the spring."