Tuesday, January 06, 2015

BookFilter Reading List


MARCH 2018

Harbor of Spies by Robin Lloyd -- seafaring adventure litfic 3-1-2018

Bachelor Girl popular fiction 3-6-2018

Truth by Hector McDonald current events many sides to stories 3-6-2018

Cloudburst stories Thomas McGuane 3-6-2018

The Woman's Hour -- history of suffragettes Tenn 3-6-2018

Speak No Evil litfic by Iweala*** 3-6-2018

Bring Out The Dog short stories 3-6-2018

Holmes Entangled meta-mystery 3-6-2018

The Gospel Of Trees mem of haiti 3-6-2018

Foreign Bodies Brit classic mys 3-6-2018

Happiness by Aminnata Forna 3-6-2018 ROTTER REVIEW

The Battle For Beverly Hills -- history, Hollywood 3-6-2018

Bump in the Night (Flaxborough mys reissue) 3-8-2018

Picasso and the painting That Shocked The World bio 3-13-2018

The Parking Lot Attendant litfic (Ethiopian-American) 3-13-2018

The Eight Mountains -- two boys friendship Italian litfic 3-20-2018\

The Age of Eisenhower bio0 3-20-2018

Patriot Number One -- bio/curr events Chinese activist moving to US 3-20-2018

The Italian Teacher litfic Tom Rachman 3-20-2018

The Fighter litfic mys by Michael Farris Smith 3-20-2018

American Histories stories by John Edgar Wideman 3-20-2018

The Italian Party light litfic 3-20-2018

Let's No One Get Hurt by Joe Pineda lit fic 3-20-2018

Hopjoy Was Here (Flaxborough mys reissue) 3-22-2018

I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon historical fiction 3-27-2018

The Balcony litfic popular 3-27-2018

Searching For Stars On An island In Maine -- religion and science Alan Lightman 3-27-2018

APRIL 2018

Portrait of a Murderer classic Brit mys 4-3-2018

Rocket Men nonfic pop history of Apollo 8 4-3-2018

Darwin Comes To Town sci on urban evolution 4-3-2018

Lawn Boy ya 4-3-2018 XX

The Death Of Democracy nonfic rise Hitler 4-3-2018

The Road To Unfreedom current events by Tim Snyder fascism 4-3-2018

The Overstory by Richard Powers 4-3-2018

America is not the Heart by Elaine Castillo 4-3-2018

Space Odyssey making of 2001 4-3-2018 GILTZ REVIEW

Circe by madeline miller author of The Song of Achilles 4-10-2018

Assume the Worst carl Hiassen grad speech 4-10-2018

Picture Us In The Light ya (gay?) 4-10-2018 XX

Natural Causes nonfic by Barbara Ehrenreich 4-10-2018

Go Ask Fannie by Elizabeth Hyde 4-10-2018

Country Dark mys litfic by Chris Offutt 4-10-2018

Gateway To The Moon by Mary Morris litfic 4-10-2018 

Air Traffic memoir by black poet Gregory pardlo 4-10-2018

The Magnificent Esme Wells fiction 4-10-2018 ROTTER REVIEW

No Immediate Danger nonfic on nuclear power by William T Vollman 4-10-2018

Warning Light debut thriller, Lee Child praise 4-17-2018

A Perfect Shot mys/sports 4-17-2018

The Only Story by Julian Barnes fic 4-17-2018

God Save Texas current events by Lawrence Wright 4-17-2018

The Efficiency Paradox: What Big Data Can't Do by Edward Tenner science 4-17-2018

MAY 2018

Song Of Blood and Stone first in fantasy trilogy, woman of color 5-1-2018

Love and Ruin litfic about Hemingway and Gellhorn by Paula McLain 5-1-2018

Welcome To lagos litfic 5-1-2018

The Judge Hunter by Christopher Buckley historical fiction, humor 5-1-2018

Warlight by Michael Ondaatje 5-8-2018
Blood Orbit by KR Richardson sci-fi procedural 5-8-2018

My Ex-Life by Stephen McCauley litfic 5-8-2018

We'll Fly Away ya 5-8-2018

Imperial Twilight history opium war China 5-15-2018

The Crossing dystopian teens by author of The Return 5-15-2018

Tin Man litfic by Sarah Winman kids into young men 5-15-2018

Furyborn -- ya fantasy 5-22-2018

Legendary second in ya fantasy series 5-29-2018

JUNE 2018

Flash: The making Of Weegee by Chris Bonanos of NY Mag 6-5-2018

Reporter -- Seymour Hersch memoir 6-5-2018

No Good Alternative - nonfic on global warming William Vollmann 6-5-2018

Gentlemen Formerly Dressed light brit mys 6-5-2018

There There -- litfic urban Native Americans 6-5-2018

Autumn in Venice bio Hemingway and 18 year old girl 6-5-2018

My German Brother by Chico Barques, Brazilian pop star litfic 6-12-2018
The Book Of Essie -- fic  pregnant 17 year old evangelical TV stars 6-12-2018

Good Trouble short stories by Joseph O'Neill 6-12-2018

The Completionist by Siobhan Adcock dystopian near future America 6-19-2018

JULY 2018

The Banker's Wife commercial thriller 7-3-2018

Give People Money -- universal basic income 7-10-2018


Tiffany Blues -- popular historical fiction 8-7-2018

Fly Girls -- popular history women competing w men in airplane races between the wars 8-7-2018

The Viking Wars UK history 8-7-2018



Enemies Within -- history Cambridge spies 10-23-2018


The William Gass Reader 11-8-2018


NYT 2017:

The Evolution Of Beauty
Exit West
Locking Up Our Own
The Power
Prairie Fires
Sing Unburied Sing


Song Of A Captive Bird litfic ROTTER REVIEW 2-13-2018

Night Moves by Jonathan Kellerman 2-13-2018 ROTTER REVIEW

Hotel Silence litfic 2-13-2018 ROTTER REVIEW

The Triumph Of Christianity history Bart Ehrman 2-13-2018 GILTZ REVIEW

The Throne Of Caesar by Stephen Saylor mys 2-20-2018 REVIEW

Coffin Scarcely Used by Colin Watson Brit mys reissue 2-22-2018 REVIEW

A Long Way from Home by Peter Carey litfic 2-27-2018 REVIEW


Amatka sci-fi female
Arrowood -- Holmes competitor
Augustown -- Jamaican novel
The Beauties Chekhov short stories new trans
Before The Fall -- thriller by creator of TV Fargo
Behemoth: A History of the Factory
Black Edge -- business nonfic hedge fund shenanigans
The Book Of Disquiet new edition
Born A Crime Trevor Noah
The Butchering Art medicine history
Career of Evil (Robert Galbraith mys)
Central Station
Chicago by David Mamet
The Chilbury Ladies' Choir (book club fiction)
City On Fire
Conclave by Robert Harris Vatican thriller
A Country Road, A Tree follow-up to Longbourne 
Darwin's Backyard science history PW PICK 9-5
Daughter Of The Pirate King (ya fantasy)
Days Without End -- gay historical fic Sebastian Barry
Death Going Down (mystery)
Dodge City (popular history)
Drive -- nonfiction about early years of auto industry 
Elena Ferrante
Empire of Cotton
Everyone Brave Is Forgiven by Chris Cleave
Farthest Field
The Fine Art of Murder
Future Home of the Living God dystopia by Louise Erdrich
A Gentleman In Moscow -- lit fic
The Gilded Razor
The Girl at the Baggage Claim (social commentary East-West)
The Good Daughter Karin Slaughter 
The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah
Green by Sam Graham-Felsen
Hallelujah Anyway Anne Lamott -- 4-4
The Heart Goes Last Margaret Atwood
Here Comes The Sun -- fic debut
Heroes Of The Frontier by Dave Eggers 
H is for Hawk
Holding by Graham Norton
Home By Nightfall Mys London period
House Of Names by Colm Toibin
How To Survive A Plague 
How To Survive A Summer (gay conversion camp)
Huck out West -- by Robert Coover
I'll Have What She's Having -- Nora Ephron rom-com
Infomocracy (not on Kindle)
The Japanese Lover by Isabelle Allende
Joe Gould's Teeth
Katharine Of Aragon -- Alison Weir fiction
The Lessons of Ubuntu nonfic on race 
A Little Life
Lost and Gone Forever Alex Grecian mystery
Loving, Caught, Back all by Henry Green reissue NYRB
Manhattan Beach by jennifer egan
The Man Who Spoke Snakish
Mapp Lucia reissues Worshipful and Queen and Lucia
The Maze at Windermere by Gregory Blake Smith
The Mirror Thief
Mister Monkey -- fiction/theater 
Mrs. Engels
Ninefox Gambit (not on Kindle)
Nine Lives new Mys series Wendy Corsi Staub
The Nix
The Odyssey by Emily Wilson trans
The Paper Menagerie
Pirate Utopia sci-fi fantasy by Bruce Sterling
Renoir's Dancer history
Requiem for the American Dream -- Noam Chomsky
Richard Nixon bio John Farrell
The Sacred Hunt Duology
Secondhand Time
Shark Drunk -- two guys true story catch shark, makes em drunk!
Sing Unburied Sing litfic 9-5
The 6:41 To Paris
Sleeping Giants (not on Kindle)
The Soul Of An Octopus
The Stone Reader NYT philosophy column
The Stranger In The Woods -- RS reporter on hermit
Strangers In Their Own Land -- nonfic look at American right on ground level
Substitute -- Nicholson Baker memoir sub teacher
Swing Time Zadie Smith
The Sympathizer
Thirteen Ways Of Looking
Thrice The Brinded cat Hath Mewed new flavia de luce
The Tide -- popular science on tides
To Fight Against This Age --fascism essays
Tomorrow's Kin  sci-fi alien first contact
Too Like The Lightning
Twelve Kings (fantasy)
Varieties of Religious Experience by William James
Vision Quest (ya)
We'll Always Have Casablanca (pop culture)
Winter -- Ali Smith
The White Ghost by James R Benn WW II Mys
Young Radicals -- nonfic about six radicals prior to WW I
Yvgeny Onegin -- new trans of Pushkin