Monday, February 19, 2007

"Coast Of Utopia" Reaches Shore

Tom Stoppard's massive trilogy "The Coast Of Utopia" has just reached its climax with the official opening of Part Three last night. The reviews are in and they are across-the-board raves. The NYTimes emphasizes what great fun it is. The NY Daily News says it is worth every penny. The NY Post takes a dig at Charles Isherwood of the NYTimes (who thought he was being daring by saying he found the show dull) and then adds that Ethan Hawke has never been better. Variety says the third part is the weakest of the three, but still finds much to enjoy and says the entire work is a triumph for director Jack O'Brien.

Finally, you can read my profile of Ethan Hawke and Jack O'Brien for the NY Daily News.

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