Thursday, February 22, 2007

Taye Diggs Joins "Grey's" Spinoff

I failed to do my job and ignored the early news of a spin-off from "Grey's Anatomy." I've already grown disenchanted with the show (it was the Super Bowl episode and the exploding bomb that turned me off; they were doing crazy stunts like this so early in the show's run that it set off warning bells) and frankly the idea of a spin-off just bored me. So now Taye Diggs looks set to join the spin-off, in an undetermined role, if it actually happens. For fans of the show, it's all bad news: creator Shonda Rhimes will have her attention diverted between "Anatomy" and the spin-off AND a show about female journalists she's also developing. I'll never understand why people who are lucky enough to create an acclaimed, hit series can be so eager to jump to OTHER shows when it takes every ounce of energy you have to keep a good series working well. I know, I know, money and all that. But couldn't they at least wait till season five?

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