Friday, February 16, 2007

TV Tidbits

Okay, gotta finish an article for The Advocate. But some quick thoughts on TV from the last few days. Everyone on "Nashville Star" was weak last night. "American Idol" was well edited and well done TV, though clearly we missed some things: certain performers didn't do well in the clips we saw (That means you, Sundance, who was terrible) but got through anyway. Was it personality or singing we didn't get to see? Someday soon, Idol is going to start adding a LOT of video online so we can watch everyone's performance after the show has aired. Then we'll hear about people who get support because of their online performances (the way some actors have gained extra buzz for their acting in the extras on a DVD, such as Julia Roberts in Erin Brokovich.) Anyway, pushing through Hollywood in one week was great. I actually watched some of Gilmore Girls this week and it was okay until I realized they were still just spinning their wheels and I just didn't care. Now it's clear why the young kid on "Ugly Betty" got such a push in USA Today that practically outed him and the creator finally fessed up the character would be realizing he was gay down the road: last night's episode had a stranger on a subway car call the kid a fairy and his dad coming to the kid's defense. (While the slur is unacceptable, the kid WAS acting out the entire Broadway musical "Hairspray.") "The Office" -- with the bat -- was especially funny but why didn't our hero come to the art exhibit of his friend/true love? Was he not invited? Finally, "24" jumped the shark when Jack's dad killed Jack's brother. Okay, Jack's brother was responsible for killing Palmer. Okay, Jack's brother would betray Jack and their dad. But no, the brother was in cahoots with the dad and the dad killed him anyway just to tie up loose ends and now rather idiotically has threatened his grandson in a plan that can have no end game I see except exposing him for good and ruining the company he claims he wants to defend. And having Jack's dad be evil too is just too much. Yes, the show tends to be good in the odd years (seasons one three and five) and weak in the even years (two four and now six), but this is just way way WAY over the top.

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