Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday Box Office: "Ghost Rider" DOESN'T Disappear

I know everyone said it would open, but I'm still shocked that a movie as awful-looking as "Ghost Rider" looks like it'll gross more than $40 million over the holiday weekend. But that's what Box Office Prophets predicts, based on the Friday numbers. The happy #2 is "Bridge To Terabitha," based on the tear-jerking children's classic. The reviews were good and according to my brother, the film was MUCH better than the awful trailer and even worse print ad, which made it look like a junky bottom-feeder that amped up the fantasy elements in the book that were mostly just kids playing pretend. In fact, most of the movie is realistic and true to the book with just hints of them being seen in their imaginary world, but with no pretense it's anything other than make-believe. I wonder if the film keeps the book's subtle suggestion that the boy -- best friends with a girl but not romantically interested in her -- might be gay. As for the rest, "Breach" was a flop, which is a shame since it's the only new film for adults and got pretty good reviews.

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