Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why Eddie Murphy Lost

According to Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com, Murphy bolted from the Oscars the moment he lost to Alan Arkin. Didn't wait to see Jennifer Hudson win. Didn't wait to cheer on his costars as they performed a "Dreamgirls" medley. Didn't go to after parties and hobnob and pretend it was an honor just to be nominated. Just left, bitter about losing an award he acted as if he didn't really want in the first place. Hollywood is a small town and they like people who can at least pretend to support the community. Murphy can take solace in the fact that he's one of the most successful movie stars of all time and easily the most successful black actor of all time, though Will Smith looks set to give him a serious run for his money. By the way, Friedman is the only one I saw who reported on Murphy bolting from the show. Kudos to him for seeing the significance of what should have been obvious to everyone in attendance in LA.


Ondo Lady said...

Well what can I say, once an asshole always an asshole. Eddie Murphy has always had a high opinion of himself and it looks like he has not learnt one ounce of courtesy in his bleak career mode. You'd think he'd look on the positive side and think about his Golden Globe and return to the A List and pretend to be happy for Jennifer. If Beyonce can do it then so can bloody Eddie. But then he has neither the grace of Will Smith or compassion of Forest Whitaker. Peter O'Toole looked gutted when he lost out but he did the right thing and made the most of the night. Eddie should stick to the cartoons. I think former Spice Girl, Mel B should be sighing with relief that she is no longer with him.

Michael in New York said...

Right all around. I almost feel compelled to drop O'Toole a note and say he should take pride in the long list of great talents who won many nominations but never won an Oscar. martin Scorsese will have his linked with Oscar by a lesser film for the rest of his career, with everyone caveating every time they mention it. Heck, I think The Good Shepherd will age better than The departed.