Saturday, February 24, 2007

JJ Abrams To Direct Next "Star Trek" Movie

Abrams (creator of "Lost" and "Alias," both promising shows that went deeply off the rails) was always attached to making "Star Trek XI" happen. But only late Friday night, according to the Hollywood Reporter, did he fully commit to directing. Good. Why be involved if you're not going to direct? Here's hoping the discipline and time constraints of a feature film will bring out the best in Abrams. Given the pilots for "Alias" and "Lost" (both gems), there's every reason to think he'll succeed. The story will show Kirk and Spock meeting at Starfleet Academy and then going on their first mission. Fascinating.


Steve Friess said...

OK. I've held my tongue long enough...would you STOP beating the crap out of Lost? This season has been outstanding, it's an unconventional story told in an unconventional way and I have tremendous respect for the writers. Sure, this past week wasn't the best of the year, but by and large it offers a competence and a confidence to tell its story in its own time. Just because we live in a solve-it-in-an-hour or even a solve-it-in-a-season culture doesn't mean it's "off the rails."

It's the journey that's the thrill, not the ending. And when you have a journey this unusual, this intriguing, this well acted and written, you roll with it. The ratings are down because of jerky scheduling issues, mostly, but if they're down because of the content then it's because it's just too challenging for a lot of people, not that it sucks.

Sorry if I sound rabid, but you stick it to Lost every chance you get and I had to speak up. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

The quirky scheduling this year has made the season seem a little disjointed, but I think especially since the break, the episodes have been amongst the best they've ever done. I'm guessing that if someone skipped this season and watched it on DVD they would say, "Wow, that was great -- what was everyone complaining about?"

That being said, I think four years would be the perfect length for this series, but I'm guessing they go with 5. There is plenty of character development and mythology to go that far, but any longer and I think it would be a huge drag on quality.

The producers have mentioned that they don't want to end up like The X-Files or other great shows that lasted too long, so at least they're showing a good deal of self-awareness.

Michael in New York said...

Now you guys know how I feel about the way everyone ignores Friday Night Lights. At least Lost is being talked about. I'll give it another chance on DVD. It's interesting how DVD can reveal a show's flaws more starkly or make you enjoy it more. And I'll try not to be snarky.