Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Scrotum Talk

The controversy over an award-winning children's book continues, with many unhappy over the NYTimes coverage that didn't speak to any of the many librarians (the vast majority in fact) that support the book and include it in their collections. Publishers Weekly has the latest. The best comments come from the author herself, who notes the pernicious practice of reflexively avoiding anything that might cause anyone, anywhere some discomfort:
"Lucky" author Patron has been observing the proceedings largely from the sidelines. However, she can't help but respond to all the attention as a wearer of two different professional hats. From a librarian standpoint she notes, "It appeared that some of my colleagues were so fearful of possible objections that they didn't want to risk adding "The Higher Power of Lucky" to their collections. But to other librarians —- I think the vast majority -— this was almost a treasonable act: how dare those professionals withhold children's access to the 2007 Newberry Award book!"

Counter-responses on Patron's behalf have proved enormously heartening, she says. And ultimately, "It turns out that many librarians, as well as teachers, booksellers and parents, agree that kids can handle the naming of a body part, especially in the context of the whole book," Patron says. "I believe that the majority of my colleagues are willing to put their jobs on the line if necessary to support children's access to books, especially when the book in question has won a major award. These are the librarians who respect the intelligence of children, and I thank and applaud them heartily."

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