Friday, February 16, 2007

Stoppard's "Rock & Roll" Coming To Bway This Fall

I thought we already knew this but apparently it's just been officially announced that Tom Stoppard's critically acclaimed play "Rock & Roll" is coming to Broadway this fall. Variety says the casting hasn't been announced, but Alice Eve -- one of the show's stars -- told me the original cast would be coming. (She's clearly already committed in spirit if not in fact.) The National production received Stoppard's typical raves but a second cast took it to the West End and didn't do well commercially -- the show is closing at the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

The show went to the west end with the original cast. It did quite well until November of last year when Rufus Sewell and Sinead Cusack left it. In fact it was nearly impossible to get tickets.

Unfortunately it was one of those shows where the original cast had such an imprint on the production, it did not fare as well when they left. It's also possible at nearly 3 hours and with the subject matter being the political history of Czechoslovakia from 1968 to 1990 it simply exhausted it's audience.

But the run was extended 3 times that I know of so to say it was unsuccessful is not accurate.

Anonymous said...

AND it didn't open at the National. It was actually the Royal Court.

and btw Alice Eve being the only rmoured cast member does not bode well. she was the worst thing about it. but she is shacked up with rufus sewell now, so i guess uf she's coming, he's more likely to.