Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hmm, Harry Potter Or The Reporter?

I'm sure tickets for "Equus" - in which actor Daniel Radcliffe exposes his kit and gets all actor-ish -- will be nigh on impossible. (And yes, "nigh" was a subtle wink towards "neigh.") But now here's another UK play I want to check out in two weeks: it's "The Reporter," starring Ben Chaplin as a gay, suicidal foreign correspondent. It's based on a real person and Nicholas De Jongh liked it very much indeed -- more than the other critics, but if he found it worthwhile I'm sure I will too.

Meanwhile, the NY Post's Michael Riedel makes all sorts of silly jokes about "Equus," saying the problem with the show is the length...of the PLAY and other tame jokes of that sort. He also says Richard Griffiths is taking a very long time to learn his lines (par for the course for Griffiths, apparently) and that prompters are placed in the wings but he's sure to put it all together before opening night. Riedel also says there's precious little chemistry between Radcliffe and his love interest in the show. But if he can get through the show without embarrassing himself, that will be a feat in itself, since Radcliffe sometimes seemed overwhelmed by the dramatic demands of the recent Potter movies. And frankly, it's just not fair to make pronouncements on a show that hasn't opened yet.

And really, those jokes about Radcliffe were just sophomoric. I would never do anything that childish just to be tittilating.

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