Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Next American Idol Will Be...Jordin

Is there any doubt? If she isn't, it'll be the first time looks beat out talent. I think Blake's talented too and he seems to know what he wants to do, so I would't be surprised if his album outsold Jordin's and if not the first one another one down the road.

Blake's first song ("Bon Jovi") was fun, but Jordin's pipes were in great shape. His Maroon 5 ballad was a fatal mistake.Knowing he had to sing that lame ballad, Blake should have sung another upbeat song. neither tune was in his comfort zone, which is upbeat and foreceful, not quiet and high and melodious. Jordin's take on the Martina McBride was classic Idol vocalizing -- big flourish at the end to wow the home viewers. After her second song, wrote down, "Jordin can taste it and she's out for blood." And then she delivered the death blow by even making that ballad (and hey, it's nice to know the folks at home can write a crappy ballad just like the pros) showcase for her emotions. Jordin ran out of breath and it could have been disastrous on the final lines, but then she turned it into an emotional moment by oh so gently being overwhelmed by it all. Jordin is the next American Idol. No question.


Unknown said...

Thank God she won. Blake should never have been in the final.

Daryl Chin said...

Even from Cannes, you sure can pick 'em! (Plus your blog on the Advocate Insider has been consistently informative and entertaining: you're much better than the NY Times!) And your insights into the American Idol finale have been so sharp, as always.

Michael in New York said...

Bless you daryl. I agree Vince that Melinda vs Jordin would have made a more exciting finale. But they still probably chose the right person in the end. Or do you think Melinda should have won it all. And daryl, make someone leave ONE comment over there before I leave. it's just dreadful. They hide the blog and no one sees it. Now they've added a really great link on the front page of their website but my posting is so infrequent, and it's so new for them, I can't build even the tiniest bit of an audience.