Friday, July 27, 2007

Prince Is Right: Stuff Gotta Be Free

Here's my latest Huffington Post, this one sparked by an offer from Entertainment Weekly to subscribe to their magazine -- one year, 57 issues, for -- get this -- $10. Ten bucks? Why not just give it away? In fact, I think that'll happen soon enough.


priv8pete said...

Well, it may not be free, but you could save some money if you join BookSwim, the Netflix model for book rental service. If they have the title you need to read for the stories you're writing, it could work out for you. Just passing that along.

Michael in New York said...

Book rentals? I hate giving back a book I read. That's why I never embraced the library, really. If I really liked a book, why couldnt I keep it? Interesting service, though. Never heard of it before.