Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another Sign Of The Apocalypse

This week Bruce Springsteen's "Magic" was the top-selling CD in the country...with total sales of 77,000. (Yes, that includes downloads.) That's an insanely low number and every reason you can think of for low sales applies...and more. This is the fall and big releases from Kanye West and Kid Rock have just come out but they're selling even less. It's as if it were Thanksgiving weekend (a huge week for movies) and the number one film grossed $6 million. In my LIFETIME, album sales have never been this low.

But before I could recover from that news, I turned on the "American Idol" spinoff "The Next Great American Band" and the theme this week is BOB DYLAN SONGS. They're all singing Bob Dylan songs. It is indeed the end of the world.

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