Monday, June 23, 2008

In Rapture Over Deb Harry

Deborah, Debbie and now Deb Harry ("I've whittled it down over the years"), the lead singer of Blondie and fine actress has a new movie out and is touring with the band to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their breakthrough album Parallel Lines. I spoke with Harry for the NY Daily News. Due to an editing error, the article says that "Parallel Lines" re-entered the UK Top 40. In fact, it was the single "Heart of Glass" (used in a new commercial by director David Lynch) that hit the top 40 in the UK again.



I gotta clean my glasses. For a minute I thought that said "In Rupture over Deb Harry."

Definitely watching too many movies.

Michael in New York said...

Well, Deb and I were feuding for a bit, we've patched things up now.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of terrific female Singers who have retired from the Music scene, who still have awesome Voices and could put on a great Concert, except they have gained WEIGHT or have "lost their looks", aren't "Hot" anymore.

Maybe they're too self-conscious to put themselves out there, because of that, which I think is a shame, because it's our loss.

Your piece about BLONDIE, reminded me of this, and about how gutsy it was at an MTV or VH1 Music Awards show (I can't remember which one), one of the KICK-ASSiest GIRL ROCK BANDS, played, with Two Lead Singers fronting, one was still thin, but the other Singer had obviously gained quite a bit of weight, and you could tell she was self-conscious. (Can't remember exactly who they were, either, hey, I'm an aging HIPPY woman, ok)

Anyway, they got up on stage and they gave a KICK-ASS performance, with their Voices as good, or maybe even better, than when they were young, in their Prime. And the Audience gave them a big positive response, really liked their performance.

It's a shame when GUYS who are Rockers can keep on playing and singing, having Concerts, etc., when they're old like KEITH RICHARDS and look like HELL, while if they were WOMEN, they'd be held to a much more critical standard!

I wish myself that JANIS JOPLIN were still with us, and MAMA CASS, and JIM MORRISON -- all the great ones who died way too young, and left the world poorer for it!