Wednesday, March 04, 2009

American Idol, the Kindle, Giving Away eBooks, the Jonas Brothers and More

I did two articles for the Daily News about the Jonas Brothers 3D movie. But I could only find the sidebar online: it's here. To correct some of the fact errors stated or implied in the sidebar -- Taylor Swift is not a Disney protege, th JoBros did a Times Square concert for fans at Planet Hollywood, not ESPNZone (even though Disney owns ESPN), the TV series J.O.N.A.S. was originally about pop stars doubling as spies but is now just a straightforward day in the life of teen idols with no spying (except by fans hoping to catch a peek at them), the Miley Cyrus movie grossed more than $30 million on its opening weekend and about $65 million overall, and Lovato's album isn't being reissued as such -- they're just being out a new edition with a few extra songs and a DVD which is very typical for pop albums these days. Whew!

Then I did a story for Huffington about the grosses for the Jonas Brothers movie and why calling it disappointing was silly.

More recently, I stirred up a lot of chat at Huffington with my post about a book industry innovation: Thomas Nelson publishing who is going to make ebook and audio book versions of select titles available for free to anyone who buys the hardcover version, something I've been championing for ages now.

And then of course there's American Idol. My coverage is here:

Top 36 Round One

Top 36 Round Two

Top 36 Round Three

You can always find more by going to Huffington and searching for my name. My page will list every post I've done for them.

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