Friday, October 09, 2009

Popsurfing Radio Show Playlist #1: Born Again

Just did my first radio show from 1 to 3 am EST. Since I was just figuring things out, I failed to properly record the show, so my debut will have to remain legendary rather than actually heard by anyone other than the lucky few who listened in live. Here's the playlist from that electrifying first show:

The theme of the show was "Born Again"

1. Richard and Linda Thompson -- "Dimming Of The Day/Dargai"
2. Beatles -- "Rocky Racoon"
3. Cory Chisel -- "Born Again"
4. A reading from Billy Graham's book "The Journey"
5. Wilco -- "Airline To Heaven"
6. The The -- "I Saw The Light"
7. Hank Williams -- "I'll Have A New Body"
8. Talking Heads -- "Take Me To The River"
9. A reading from the nonfiction book "Waking Giants" by David S Reynolds on the Great Awakening
10. Ray Charles -- "Hallelujah, I Love Her So"
11. The Staples Singers -- "I'll Take You There"
12. Rebirth Brass Band -- "Just A Little While To Stay Here"
13. monologue on being reborn again artistically
14. David Bowie -- "It Ain't Easy"
15. Cat Stevens -- "If You Wanna Sing Out, Sing Out"
16. Phoenix -- "Lisztomania"
17. A stanza from William Butler Yeats' "His Phoenix"
18. Cassandra Wilson -- "Resurrection Blues (Tutu)"
19. Bruce Springsteen -- "Thunder Road (live)"
20. U2 -- "Gloria"
21. monologue about Johnny Cash's burst of music at the end of his life
22. Johnny Cash -- "You Are My Sunshine"
23. Paul Simon -- "Born At The Right Time"
24. Ben Lee -- "Surrender"
25. Monologue about proposed film in which lovers are reincarnated and meet again, and cue the song that will play...
26. Frank Sinatra -- "Where Or When"
27. Jimmie Dale Gilmore -- "Just A Wave"
28. Steely Dan -- "Bodhisatva"
29. monologue on the meaning of Bodhisatva, then another selection from "Waking Giant" about revival meetings
30. Rev. Benny Canpbell -- "You Must Be Born Again"
31. Patty Loveless -- "Rise Up, Lazarus"
32. Nick Cave -- "Dig! Lazarus, Dig!"
33. monologue about Lazarus, reincarnation and the most famous reincarnated hero in history, the Doctor
34. Theme from "Doctor Who"
35. John Coltrane -- "Acknowledgement"
36. Jimi Hendrix -- "The Star Spangled Banner"


Unknown said...

Great!! I liked the show. It really was a worth listening show.
force factor

Anonymous said...

What? No Glenn Frey "I've Been Born Again"? Say it ain't so...