Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cannes Film Festival 2010 Coverage

Did I mention I was at the Cannes Film Festival? Must have slipped my mind while I was wandering the Riviera.

Here's a link to my Cannes roundup at Huffington Post if you interested. It includes a list and rating for all the movies I saw, plus highlights, awards and links to all my daily coverage.


emma said...

What happened to your review of Locked In? It showed May 15th &16th.
I can't find reviews.

evancoxx said...

I was also there to avail of this opportunity.
Cho Yung Tea

Michael Giltz said...

Hi Emma,
Sorry I just saw your comment. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of movies screening at Cannes. I always try to see every film in Competition and then it's catch as catch can. I saw 40+ movies, but I'm afraid Locked In wasn't one of them.

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