Tuesday, January 06, 2015

BookFilter Reading List



Assembly by Michael Hardt political movements OUP 9-1

The Bermuda Privateer naval his fic 9-1

Maximum Volume George Martin bio 9-1

The Vietnam War -- Geoffrey Ward Ken Burns PW PICK 9-5

Darwin's Backyard science history PW PICK 9-5

Run Hide Repeat memoir 9-5

Brave Red Smart frog fairy tales 9-5

Podkin One-ear redwall like ya fantasy 9-5 

Iron Angels sci-fi Eric Flint PW PICK 9-5

Fantasyland by Kurt Andersen think piece nofic politics 9-5

The Dreadful tale Of prosper Redding ya fantasy 9-5

Sing Unburied Sing litfic 9-5

Champions Way FSU football expose3 9-5

The World of Tomorrow historical fiction 1939 9-5

For isabel: a mandala short litfic 9-5

A Secret History Of Witches 9-5

The Golden House by Salman Rushdie 9-5

Dinner At The Center Of The Earth by Nathan Englander 9-5 ROTTER REVIEW

All That makes life bright harriet beecher stowe romance 9-5

Love and Other Consolation Prizes -- 9-12

Storming The Wall current events 9-12

The Vengeance Of Mothers sequel 9-12 ROTTER REVIEW

Istanbul history of city nonfiction 9-12

A Column Of Fire by ken Follett 9-12

Landscape with Invisible Hand by MT Anderson! ya sci-fi 9-12 MG REVIEW

FraCtured Continent WashPo reporter on Europe 9-12

Slider middle grade eating by Pete Hautman 9-12 

Affections litfic Bolivian writer 9-12

Magicians Impossible fantasy 9-12

Forest Dark by Nicole Krauss 9-12

Ranger Games bio true crime 9-12

Spoiler Alert The Hero Dies memoir by Michael Ausellio 9-12

An excess male dystopian 9-12

Katalin Street NYRB 9-12

The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve - faith, history by Stephen Greenblatt PW PICK 9-12

Good Things Happen Slowly bio Fred Hersch jazz gay 9-12

Lightning Men mys sequel to Darktown 9-12

****Release by Patrick Ness 9-19

The Improv oral history 9-19

The Stars Beneath Our Feet ya 9-19

Alone: Dunkirk history by Michael Korda 9-19

The Tunnel at the End of the Light Jim Shepard essays on movies and politics 9-19

The Cuban Affair new series Nelson Demille thriller 9-19

one dark Throne fantasy 9-19

Murderous Mistral new mys 9-19

The Good People by hannah kent litfic 9-19

The Man from The train -- history solving real murder, Bill James 9-19****

The Ninth Hour by Alice Mcdermott PW PICK 9-19

The Best Kind Of People -- male teacher accusation 9-19

Best Day Ever thriller Wunderkind pr 9-19

The Communist (first English trans) -- NYRB 9-19

Nomadland by Jessica Bruder -- working, freelance in America 9-26

Five carat Soul by James mcBride 9-26

The Ember Stone ya fantasy series launch 9-26

Dear Fahrenheit 451 love letter to books 9-26

The Wonderling ya fantasy 9-26

The Wolf Hour ya fantasy fairy tale 9-26

Hanna Who Fell From The Sky 9-26

The Christmas Room 9-26

Madness Treads Lightly -- Russian lit thriller 9-26


Paris In The Present Tense by Mark Helprin 10-3

Manhattan Beach by jennifer egan litfic V 10-3

The Indigo Girl litfic slave owner 10-3

The Prague Sonata by Bradford Morrow litfic praise 10-3

Dunbar  by edward st aubyn retelling of King Lear 10-3

The Origins Of Creativity by Edward O Wilson 10-3

Ghosts of Greenglass House

The Tiger's Daughter fantasy 10-3

Mental -- history, science memoir 10-3

Nine Continents memoir in China 10-3

Admissions: memoir of a brain surgeon 10-3

King of Spies -nonfic N Korea, spies 10-3

The Future is History nonfic totalitarianism returning to Russia 10-3

The Bloodprint fantasty quarter book one 10-3

Ballad of the Anarchist Bandits history 10-3

The Witches' Tree Agatha raisin mys 10-3

Fear thriller by Dirk Kurbjuweit 10-3

An Unkindness of Ghosts litfic 10-3

From Here To Eternity ninfic good death 10-3

Logical Family memoir by Armistead Maupin 10-3

Haunting The Deep -- ya Titanic meets mean girls 10-03-2017

Start To Finish -- making of woody allen movie 10-3

How To Plan a Crusade history, rethinking middle ages 10-3

Monday Starts On Saturday sci-fi reissue Chicago Press 10-1/10-3

Wild Beauty ya fantasy romance 10-3

Nasty Women essasys 10-3

Lioness bio of Golda Meir 10-10

Murder For Christmas reissue of classic mystery 10-10

The Secret Life by Andrew O'Hagan pieces on Assange, bitcoin etc 10-10

Vanilla -- gay ya by Billy Merrell 10-10

Desert Remains mys series launch 10-10

You Were There Before my Eyes litfic immigrant a la Brooklyn 10-10

The Third reich history 10-10

Here in Berlin litfic by Cristina Garcia 10-10

The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman prequel Practical magic PW PICK 10-10

Hoover by Kenneth Whyte bio 10-10

Righteous mys Joe Ide!!! 10-17

Uncommon Type short stories by Tom Hanks 10-17

36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You 10-17

A Secret Sisterhood nonfic bio female writers/friendships 10-17

A Plague of Giants by Kevin Hearne fantasy 10-17

The Butchering Art medicine history PW PICK 10-17

A Natural sports fiction 10-17

American Wolf nonfic science/nature 10-17

Little Secrets thriller 10-17

Lidia's Celebrate Like An Italian 10-17

The House at 758 ya coming of age 10-17

Seven Days of Us -- Brit lit light comedy family quarantined at stately home 10-17

100 Amazing Facts About The Negro by Henry Louis Gates PW PICK 10-24

An American Family ninfic bio Khizr Khan 10-24

The Water Will Come nonfic global warming 10-24

The First day litfic affair 10-24

hank and Jim -- friendship of Fonda and Stewart 10-24

Ghosts of the Tsunami nonfic 10-24

Tell tale stories by Jeffrey Archer 10-24

I Can't Breathe by matt Taibi 10-24

The Second Coming Of The KKK history 10-24

The River Of Consciousness by Oliver sacks 10-24

Wayne and Ford -- movie bio 10-24

The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia PW pick sci-fi 10-24

The Great Jazz and Pop Vocal Albums by Will Friedwald 10-24

Smitten Kitchen Everey Day cookbook 10-24

A Very Very Bad Thing by jeffrey Self gay ya 10-31

The Secret of Nightingale Wood ya Scholastic great reviews 10-31

Blood Brothers history Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull 10-31

Calder: The Conquest of Time bio 10-31

Crazy Like A Fox Rita Mae Brown mys 10-31

The Complete Poems of A R Ammons poetry PW PICK 10-31


The Ascent of Gravity -- science book by Marcus Chown PW PICK 11-7

Mrs osmond by John Banville litfic 11-7

The Midnight Line new Jack Reacher 11-7

Radio Free Vermont by Bill McKibben 11-7

The House Of Unexpected Sisters No 1 Ladies detective 11-7

God by Reza Aslan nonfic 11-7

Written In Blood mys w literary twist 11-7

Ghosts of Langley -- nonfic History of CIA 11-7

Heather The Totality by matthew Weiner 11-7 ROTTER REVIEW

Spineless science on jellyfish 11-7

Someone You Love Is Gone  litfic multi-generational epic after daughter loses mother  11-7

The City of Brass ya fantasy PW PICK 11-14

Artemis by Andy Weir (Martian) 11-14

GENIUS AND Discover reissue by Stefan Zweig 11-14

The Woman In The Camphor Trunk Chinatown LA 1908 mys 11-14

Seventh Decimate new fantasy by Stephen RT Donaldson 11-14

Future Home of the Living God dystopia by Louise Erdrich 11-14

The Annotated African American Folktales Henry Louis Gates PW PICK 11-14

The Friendly Orange Glow history of computer science 11-14

Balancing Act -- theater at national by Nicholas Hytner 11-14

The World Goes on by László Krasznahorkai New Directions litfic PW PICK 11-28

Mrs Caliban by Rachell Ingalls reissue from 1982  justs 128 pages Poe, HG Wells, 11-28


Death of Anton classic Brit mys 12-5

The Vanishing Princess stories Jenny Diski 12-5

No Time To Spare essays Ursula k LeGuin 12-5

Quick Curtain classic Brit mys 12-5

The Girl In The Tower -- Russian fantasy sequel to v good book 12-5

Three daughters Of Eve litfic by bestseller in Turkey 12-5

In The Fall They Come Back -- by Robert Bausch prep school novel 12-12


The Sky Is Yours sci-fi mashup sprawling debut 1-23-2018


A Long Way from Home by Peter Carey litfic 2-27-2018

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JULY 2018






The Land Shall Be Deluged In Blood Nat Turner by Patrick H Breen  at Providence College in Rhode Island 1-4-2016 history

George Washington's Journey 1-5 forging national identity Vermont

Walking The Nile by Levison Wood 1-5-16 London

A Thousand Naked Strangers paramedic 1-5-2016 CA

Only Love Can Break Your Heart novel late 1970s by Ed Tarkington 1-5. Nashville went to Fl State

The Geography Of Genius by Eric Weiner travel DC 1-5-2016

Defenders of the Unborn by Daniel K Williams west Georgia 1-7-2016

The Lady Of Misrule by Suzannah Dunn Lady Jane Grey novel England 1-11-2016

The Cabaret of Plants by Richard Mabey nonfiction 1-11-2016

The Extra Yard YA by Mike Lupica 1-12-2016 Conn

The Hundred Year Walk memoir history Armenian genocide by Dawn Anahid MacKeen Cali 1-12-2016

The Drifter new thriller series by Nicholas Petrie of Milwaukee 1-12-2016

Eleanor by Jason Gurley sci-fi twos literaryPortland 1-12-2016

Paradise Now Utopia by Chris Jennings 1-12-2016

The Longest Night by Andria Williams fic 1-12-2016

The Lost Tudor Princess by Alison Weir 1-12-2016

Excellent Daughters by Katherine Zoepf non 1-12-2016

The Lady Of Misrule by Suzannah Dunn fic about Lady Jane Grey 1-15-2016 London

Thomas Murphy novel by Roger Rosenblatt aging poet 208pagrs 1-19-2016 upstate NY

Black Wings Has My Angel by Elliott Chaze classic noir 1-19-2016

A Passion For Leadership by Robert M Gates 1-19-2016

Stargazer's Sister by Carrie Brown 1800s tale of sister of astronomer Massachusetts 1-19-2016

Catching Tge Sky by Colten Moore X games snowmobile brothers Dallas 1-19-2016

In A Different Key by John Donvan autism 1-19-2016

Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz thriller 1-19-2016

The Goblin's Puzzle by Andrew Chilton ya 1-19-2016

Blood And Earth by Kevin Bales reporting on climate change and slavery 1-19-2016

The Cat Who Came In Off The Roof by Annie MG Schmidt kids Holland classic 1-19-2016

The Road To Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson travel 1-19-2016

The Golden Son by Shilpi Somaya Gowda 1-26 Cali

Where My Heart Used To Beat by Sevastisn Faulks 1-26-2016 fic

The Poison Artist mys 1-26-2016

My Marriage by Jakob Wasserman 1-26-2016 fiction NYRB

The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie "Aviator's Wife" Benjamin about Capote and 50s NYC Lives in Chicago 1-26-2016

Noah's Wife by Lindsay Starck allegorical modern novel lives in Chapel Hill NC 1-26-2016

Shaker by Scott Frank Mys about assassin who becomes famous and thus a target 1-26 screenwriter

A Prisoner Of Malta by Phillip DePoy spies Christopher Marlowe 1-26-2016 Decatur Georgia

Audacity Jones To The Rescue by Kirby Larson 1-26-2016 YA

Some Kind OfCourage by Dan Gemeinhart 1-26-2016 YA

The Secret Of The Blue Glass by Tomiko Inui 1-26-2016 YA


The Catholic Enlightenment by Ulrich Lehrer Milwaukee 2-1-2016

A Friend Of Mr Lincoln by Stephen Harrigan fic about Lincoln in his 20s 2-2 Austin

Robert B Parker Blackjack 2-2-2016 mys

Kingfisher by Patricia McKillip sci-Fo 2-2-2016

Simon Thorn 2-2-2016

While The City Slept -- true crime 2-2-2016 

Opening Belle by Maureen Sherry novel abt life on Wall Street for women by insider NYC? 2-2-2016

On My Own by Diane Rehm NPR host memoir of dying husband, moving on 2-2 Bethesda Maryland

The Age Of Stagnation by Satyajit Das economic talking head in Inside Job Sydney 2-9-2016

West of Eden history of Hollywood by Jean Stein 2-9-2016

The Fugiyives by Christopher Sorrentino 2-9-2026

My Father a The Pornographer by Chris Offutt. 2-9-2016

Murder of Magpies 2-9-2016

The First Congress by Fergus M Bordewich history 2-9-2016 San Fran

Arcadia by Iain Pears fic 2-9 Oxford

Pacific Burn by Barry Lancet thriller antiques dealer PI in Japan 2-9-2016

Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase fic forbidden love etc Oxford 2-9-2016

In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahori learning Italian 2-9 Princeton

The Silk Roads history by Oxfordian Peter Frankopan 2-16

Strange Gods conversion by Susan Jacoby 2-16  NYC

The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky fantasy 2-16-2016

Flight of Dreams 2-23-2016

The Last Weymfeldt by Martin Suter art world fic 2-16-2016

Playing Against The House by James D Walsh union nonfiction 2-16-2016 NYC

The Bible Doesn't Really Say That by Joel M Hogfman 2-16-2016 NYC

Love raft Country by Matt Ruff 2-16-2016

The Beautiful Possible by Amy Gottlieb fic pb orig 2-16-2016

The Profiteers by Sally Denton history of Hoover Dam and Bechtel family 2-16-2016

Biblical literalism by Spong 2-16-2016

A Doubter's Almanac by Ethan Canin 2-16-2016

Elephant Complex travel book in Sri Lanka by John Gimlette London 2-18-2016

The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle con artist lit fic 2-2-2016 England

IN The Land Of Armadillos by Helen Maryles Shankman polish folk tales/Nazis Isaac Basheevis-like acclaim NJ 2-2-2016

Seeing Redby Lina Meruane Chilean novelist 2-23-2016 NYU

The Fight To Vote by Michael Waldman 2-23-2016  NYC

Movie Freak Owen glieberman 2-23-2016

No Cats Allowed cozy library mystery 2-23-2016

Thanks for the trouble by Tommy Wallach YA 2-23-2016 Brooklyn

Version Control by Dexter Palmer sci-if NJ 2-23-2016

Constance Fenimore Woolson bio 2-29-2016

Miss Grief short stories by Woolson 2-29-2016

MARCH 2016

The Year of the Runaways by Sunjeev Sahota huge acclaim shortlisted Booker 3-1-2016 Sheffield

At The Existential Cafe by Sarah Bakewell his philo 3-1-2016

Speakers of the Dead mys Walt Whitman 3-1-2016

Ancient Minstrel by Jim Harrison novellas 3-1-2016

Voices From The Front by Peter Hart WWI oral history London 3-1-2016

Out of Eden Polygamy by David Barash Univ of Wash 3-1-2016

The Ways Of The World by David Harvey CUNY prof essays from career thinking on capitalism etc NYC 3-2-2016

Paper Menagerie sci-fib3-8-2016

The Invisible Guardian mys from Spain, bestseller acclaim 3-8-2016

The Best Place On Earth short stories Mizeagi Jews 3-8-2016

Until We Are Free memoir human rights fighter in Iran 3-8-2016

Noonday by Pat Barker WWII 3-8-2016

The Rarest Bird in the World nonfiction account 3-8-2016

Half-Earth by Edward O Wilson times running out science 3-8-2016

In The Cafe of Lost Youth by Nobel winner Payrick Modiano Paris 3-8-2016

High Dive by Jonathan Lee novel about assassination attempt on Thatcher in 1984. Author in Brooklyn 3-08-2016

Smarter Faster Better being productive 3-8-2016

Julia Ward Howe bio 3-8-2016

Burn Baby Burn -- 1970s coming of age YA NYC 3-8-2016

Peacekeeping -- novel FSG, cop UN Haiti 3-8-2016

Alligator Candy by David Kushner memoir about abduction of brother (great reviews for video game bio)  NYC 3-15-2016

A Man Lies Dreaming - sci-fi Holocaust noir 3-15-2016

American Character liberty v common good cur events 3-15-2016

Hap And Leonard shorts by Joe R Lansdale 3-15-2016

Cambodia Noir thriller 3-15-2016

Listen Liberal -- current events author of What's Wrong With Kansas 3-15-2016

Two If By Sea by Jacquelyn Mitchard post-tsunami cop adopts psychic boy? Cape Cod 3-15-2016

Rightful Heritage FDR and nature by Brinkley history 3-15-2016

***Voyage Around My Room essay/travel reissue 3-21-2016

The Paper Trail by Alexander Monro nonfiction popular history 3-22. UK or Asia

***Switched On -- ninfic about Aspergers and new surgery 3-22-2016

The Brazen Age -- NYC post-war history 3-22-2016

The Way Of The Gun nonfiction 3-22-2016

Terrible Virtue novel about feminist Margaret Sanger 3-22-2016

***Jane Steele Eyre serial killer 3-22-2016

Treachery At Lancaster Gate by Anne Perry historical mystery 3-22-2016

***Reader, I Killed him Jane Eyre anthology 3-22-2016

This Is Where The World Ends ya novel 3-22-2016

***Frederick The Great bio history tons of acclaim 3-29-2016

London's Glory Bryant & May 3-29-2016 mys

***The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle theater guy gay YA 3-29-2016

***The Infidel Stain mys second Blake and Avery period mystery 3-29-2016

American Amnesia 3-29-2016

Spain In Our Hearts nonfiction 3-29-2016

Melancholy Accidents -- gun safety history -- 3-29-2016

Platform Revolution nonfic about business, platforms 3-29-2016

***Journey To Munich Maisie Dobbs mys 3-29-2016

APRIL 2016

Fed Power nonfiction critique by Lawrence Jacobs at Univ Minnessota and Desmond King of Oxford 4-1-2016

Conspiracy Boy -- gay YA fantasy 4-4-2016

The Butcher Bird -- UK period mystery, second in series  4-4-2016

***A Bandit's Tale -- young adult novel italian immigrant teenage pickpocket 4-5-2016

****Translation of Love - fiction mys trade raves across the board, post-war Japan historical fic 4-5-2016

****Orson Welles -- ONe Man Band Simon Callow bio 4-5-2016

America's War For The Greater Middle east - history, current events 4-5-2016

The Murder Of Mary Russell -- Laurie King latest mys 4-5-2016

James Brown bio/cultural history Kill "em And Leave "em by James McBride 4-5-2016

The Long Shadow Of Small Ghosts -- nonfic about parents killing child, poverty, poorest town in America 4-5-2016

Weekends With Max And His Dad by Linda Urban kids 4-5-2016

Sleeping Giant -- cur events working class revolution 4-5-2016

We The People -- conservative looks at key figures and living constitution 4-5-016

***Consequence -- memoir of Iraqi interrogator 4-5-2016

Sent To The Devil -- opera world mys 4-5-2016

Neither Snow Nor Rain -- history of post office 4-5-2016

Three Martini Lunch -- fic NYC 1950s business 4-5-2016

Worlds Elsewhere -- study of Shakespeare via his fascination w the world 4-5-2016

The beauty Queen Of Jerusalem fic big bestseller in Israel 4-5-2016

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren -- memoir by major scientist of childhood in dads lab. Hawaii 4-5-2016

***The Path by Harvard prof Michael Puett course on Chibese philosophy self-help 4-5-2016

The Third Wave Steve Case 4-5-2016

***Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom novel white indentured servants underground sequel to The Kitchen House 4-4-2016 Virginia

The Rivals Of Versailles historical fiction 4-5-2016

***Pearl poetry trans Simon Armitage best-seller how formatted? 4-11-2016

The Vanishing Velazquez by Laura Cumming pop history of bookseller obsessed w painting 4-12-2016

****The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden by Seymour Hersch -- 4-12-2016

Democracy Now Amy Goodman 4-12-2016

My Mrs Brown ode to mom novel by fashion guy 4-12-2016

***Lazaretto -- Philly black community novel in 1800s 4-12-2016

Daredevils -- fic, award winner, cult, "sister bride" runaway 4-12-2016

The Last Goodnight -- history, wwii espionage female 4-12-2016

Door To Door -- nonfiction on transportation 4-12-2016

***Paris Vagabond -- NYRB 4-12-2016

Your Song Changed My Life by Bob Boilen anthology 4-12-2016

The Genius Of Birds nonfiction/science 4-12-2016

An Honorable Man -- debut cold war espionage novel a la carre Furst 4-12-2016

Most Blessed of the Patriarchs -- Thomas Jefferson reappraisal 4-13-2016

A Barbarian in Asia classic travel reissue 4-18-2016

The Yellow Sofa -- New Dir reissue of comic satire, 128 pages 4-18-2016

The Dark Lady's Mask novel about Shakespeare lover 4-19-2016

Lies, Incorporated -- nonfiction about post-truth politics 4-19

****Loneliness Of Long-Distance Runner /Saturday Night Sunday Morning reissue 4-19-2016

Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift 4-19-2016

***Design For Dying new mys series w Edith Head 4-19-2016

Before The Wind by Jim Lynch -- sailing novel, author poised to do bigger Washington state

Green Metropolis by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers -- popular history of BYC and its parks Etc 4-19-2016

The Lie Tree -- historical fiction/fantasy 4-19-2016

****The House Of Daniel Turtledove baseball fantasy 4-19-2016

The Letter Writer by Dan Fesperman mys NYC after Pearl Harbor 4-19-2016

The Darkest Corner ya thriller 4-19-2016

****The Mathews Men history Hitler U-boats off US coast 4-19-2016

Outlaws of Time ya fantasy series debut 4-19-2016

I Am Not I -- philosophy self-help 4-19-2016

Negotiating The Nonnegotiable self-help business 4-19-2016

The Letter Writer - mystery set during WW II in NYC good reviews 4-19-2016

***TheBad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu nonfiction about librarians outwitting Al-Quaeda by Joshua Hammer Berlin 4-19-2016

Into the Black -- nonfiction first flight of space shuttle Columbia 4-19-2016

Before We Visit The Goddess by Banerjee Divakaruni bestselling author India and Us novel Texas 4-19-2016

****Chasing The Last Laugh -- mark Twain tour, revival of fame and fortune nonfic 4-19-2016

Maestra thriller 4-19-2016

Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are? Pop science by Frans de Waal 4-25-2016

Her Again -- Meryl Streep bio, NYer writer but no reviews 4-26-2016

City of Secrets byStewart O'Nan thriller of Jewish underground in Jerusalem after WWII Pittsburgh 4-26-2016

****The Most Important Thing by Avi ya 4-26-2016

Great Falls -- ya novel PTSD war vet 4-26-2016

****A Series Of Catastrophes and Miracles -- memoir healing, huge acclaim 4-26-2016

The Art Of Not Breathing ya novel 4-26-2016

***Jungle of Stone -- history, archeology tale 4-26-2016

Murder At The 42nd St Library -- new mys series 4-26-2016

Barren Cove -- sci-fi literary fiction with acclaim, breakout writer 4-26-2016

***Players Rise of sports pro athletes power 4-26-2016

MAY 2016

***Everyone Brave Is Forgiven by Chris Cleave author of Little Bee WW II novel 5-3-2016 UK

Night Shift -- new Charlaine Harris fantasy mystery 5-3-2016

Everybody's Fool by Richard Russo 5-3-2016

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper -- fiction about "adorable" widower, charming 5-3-2016

**** Eleven Hours childbirth novel short 5-3-2016

We Will Not Be Silent - YA nonfiction history about student White Rose movement against Nazis 5-3-2017

And After The Fire -- literary fiction by bestseller about Bach choral masterpiece and two women: one in WW II and the other in the present trying to discover who the precious manuscript belongs to. 5-3-2016

The Blood Between Us ya sibling rivalry 5-3-2016

***Pinpoint -- nonfiction about GPS 5-3-2016

The Castaway's War -- WW II nonfiction 5-3-2016

Admiral by Sean Danker sci-fi 5-3-2016

*******Elizabeth bio huge acclaim 5-3-2016

Britt-Marie Was Here -- light fiction latest from Backman 5-3-2016

Left In The Wind novel about lost colony of Roanoke 5-3-2016

Alice and the Fly -- YA 5-3-2016

I Let You Go -- thriller on lost child, acclaim 5-3-2016

The dark Mission of Edgar Brim -- ya 5-3-2016

Red Platoon -- nonfiction memoir about battle in Afghanistan 5-3-2016

Fall Of Man in Wilmslow -- cold war thriller, gay angle, bestseller author 5-3-2016

The Lamentations of Zeno -- german global warming tale 5-3-2016

The Bricks That Built The House by Kate Tempest 5-3-2016

The Versions Of Us fic big UK hit  5-3-2016

****Imagine Me Gone -- literary fiction by Adam Haslett -- Little Brown who never approves me 5-3

Vision for Life -- improve vision 5-3

Memories -- NYRB memoir by Russian writer just after 1918, masterpiece 5-3

Geniuses -- YA about India tech giant setting up face off of young programmers a la Enders Game? 5-3

The Ecliptic -- literary fiction by author of Bellweather Chronicles 5-3

New York Exposed historical nonfiction 5-3-2016

***Children Of Earth and Sky by Guy Kavriel Kay fantasy 5-10-2016

The Secret war -- codebreakers and spies of WW II 5-10-2016

Making Monte Carlo by Mark Braude nonfiction San Fran 5-10-2016

Central Station -- sci-fi by rising star 5-10-2016

The Loney -- UK literary horror, Stephen King approved 5-10-2016

***Waiting For Augusta -- kids/YA golf racism fave of pub 5-10-2016

Too Like The Lightning -- new sci-fi far future female writer 5-10-2016

Rough Riders nonfiction 5-10-2016

***The Robber Hotzenplotz -- kids book NYRB 5-10-2016

Death At Breakfast -- new mystery series, retire school teacher and high society gal, uk, period 5-10

Happy People Read and Drink Coffee -- French romance bestseller 5-10-2016

The Mirror Thief novel a la Cloud Atlas debut, PW rave 5-10-2016

Pit Bull -- nonfiction history of breed and demonization 5-10-2016

The Miracle On Monhegan Island -- family light saga 5-10-2016

Mongrels -- fantasy reworking of werewolf saga via coming of age tale 5-10-2016

A Self Made Man Lincoln 5-10-2016

Valiant Ambition -- Nathan Philbrick history Washington Benedict Arnold etc 5-10-2016

The Romanovs by Simon Sebag Montefiore non 5-10-2016

Are YOu Here For What I'm Here For -- short stories Charles Baxter approved 5-10-2016

LaRose by Louise Erdrich 5-10-2016

The Pier Falls short stories by Mark Haddon 5-10-2016

Herbert Hoover in White House 5-10-2016

Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts -- middle grade debut, kids on their own on tropical island

***Highly Illogical Behavior YA gay 5-10

The Sun andthe Moon and the Rolling Stones -- history of band in 1970s 5-10

American Maelstrom 1968 election 5-10-2016

***The Big Picture science book explaining quantum cosmos and human level recent theories and principles for gen aid 5-10-2016

Every Exquisite Thing Matthew Quick (Silver Linings Playbook) 5-10-2016

***The Noise Of Time by Julian Barnes fic 5-12-2016

The Nazi Hunters by Andrew Nagorski history 5-17-2016 NY

***Lost and Gone Forever Alex Grecian mystery 5-17-2016

***At the Edge of Summer -- literary fiction, romance, promising 5-17

***Draw The Line YA gay illo muppet guy PDF 5-17-2016

Some Kind of Happiness - YA reality and fantasy melding 5-17-2016

Little Labors - compendium about mothers and children, quotes, literary etc 5-17

****Court-Martial -- rave reviews history of.... 5-17

Nitro Mountain -- fiction, noir in coal country 5-17

The Crown's Game -- YA fantasy set in imperial Russia 5-17-2016

Anatomy of a Soldier -- literary fiction telling of war via the objects a soldier carries 5-17

Chain of Title -- nonfiction about real people caught up in foreclosure fraud 5-17

***** Drive -- nonfiction about early years of auto industry 5-17

The Last Ranch -- fiction, finale to western trilogy 5-17

****A Country Road, A Tree follow-up to Longbourne is about Beckett 5-17

The Fireman by Joe Hill sci-fi spontaneous combustion 5-17-2016

The Politicians and the Egalitarians -- history of control over politics in US;Eric Foner and Henry Louis Gates blurb  5-17

The Second Life Of NIck Mason -- start of new crime thriller series 5-17-2016

Finding Fontainbleau by Thad Carhart memoir growing up in France by author of Piano Shop on Zleft Bank Paris 5-17-2016

***Joe Gould's Teeth by Jill Lepore bio 5-17-2016

The Summer Guest by Alison Anderson 5-24-2016 novel w Chekhov Swiss

Stone Tablets -- Polish classic 5-24

Tribe -- Sebastian Junger about returning troops 5-24

Aunt Dimity mystery latest in cozy 5-24

***Smoke -- fantasy about Dickensian London where "bad" people smoke, nobility doesn't 5-24

Rogue Justice -- post 9-11 collapse of liberty by govt intrusion, super liberal praise 5-24

The Dragon Behind The Glass -- nonfiction about rare tropical fish 5-24

****Secondhand Time -- nonfiction about collapse of Soviet Union, by journalist who just won Nobel 5-24

Sweetbitter -- novel, young woman working in NYC at high-toned restaurant 5-24-2016

***Before The Fall -- thriller by creator of TV Fargo 5-31-2016

Meet Me Here -- YA about young man having second thoughts about signing up for military, brother has PTSD big night on town 5-31

Villa Triste -- Patrick Modiano 5-31

***A Hero of France by Alan Furst 5-31

Hot Little Hands -- short stories by Abigal Ulman -- 5-31

****Witness To The Revolution -- US history of 1969/1970 w bombings and country on brink 5-31

Food and the City -- nonfiction oral history about restaurants of NYC 5-31

Somebody Stop Ivy Pocket -- middle grade about spunky girl 5-31

Frannie And Tru -- YA about teen girl idolizing her gay 17 year old cousin, who is not as awesome as he seems 5-31

***Katharine Of Aragon -- Alison Weir fiction, first in series about wives of henry VIII 5-31

JUNE 2016

***American Daredevil -- bio of first celebrity travel writer, gay 6-1

***Grand Hotel NYRB reissue 6-7-2016

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi debut 150k first printing Berkeley 6-7-2016

****American Girls -- YA, great reviews 6-7

Wintering -- fiction about man thinking back to wilderness adv with dad, critical acclaim 6-7

**Monsters -- fiction acclaim, romance 6-7

Marrow Island -- novel by former bookseller, literary, cult-like community etc 6-7-2016

But What If We're Wrong -- nonfiction with Charles Klosterman asking experts to view the present from the future and question our assumptions 6-7-2016

The Lynching -- nonfic about 1981 court case against the KKK 6-7-2016

The Far Empty -- series launch ,set in Texas, cool cover 6-7

***What We Become -- decades spanning epic by Arturo Perez Reverte 6-7-2016

Sex Object -- essays and memoirish pieces by Guardian columnist  Jessica Valenti 6-7-2016

**Amy Snow fiction priority Victorian treasure hunt, UK hit, Library Jour rave  6-7-2016 

****You Know Me Well -- gay YA 6-7-2016

Julia Vanishes -- YA fantasy trilogy 6-7-2016

*********A Golden Cage -- short romance/mystery set in Newport, period 6-7

***The Inevitable -- nonfiction look at technological change, Brian Eno Pogue approved 6-7

Grunt -- nonfiction science of humans at war 6-7

True Letters From A Fictional Life -- YA coming out 6-7

The Invention Of Russia -- history, look at fight for soul of Russia 6-7-2016

A Good Month For Murder -- nonfiction look at homicide squad in DC 6-7

The Maximum Security Book Club -- nonfiction about reading books w prisoners 6-7-2016

With Malice -- YA thriller 6-7-2016

Invincible Summer by Alice Adams 6-7-2016

Everything Explained: Encyclopedia Britannica by Denis Boyles 6-9-2016

***The Tumbling Turner Sisters by Juliette Fey pr Wunderkind 6-14-2016

Ivory and Bone prehistoric fantasy, author debut 6-14

*****Douglas MacArthur -- bio 6-14

Under The harrow -- British thriller 6-14-2016

The Geeks Guide To Unrequited Love -YA comcis, 6-14

*******Charcoal Joe -- new Eazy Rawlins -- 6-14-2016

Brighton -- Michael Harvey Boston mystery thriller good reviews 6-14-2016

**********League of Dragons -- Naomi Novik 6-14

Code Warriors -- nonfic NSA vs Soviets 6-14

****Radio Girls -- period novel in London, charming cover, gal on the go in 1920s 6-14

****I'm Thinking Of Ending Things -- sci-fi, literary, short sharp 6-14

The Girls fiction debut, female novelist, set in 1960s 6-14-2016

The Mistresses of Clivenden -- history, memoir group portrait of women of stately home 6-14

The Mandibles -- sci-fi literary fiction about family upended by losing its money by Lionel Shriver author of We need To Talk About Kevin 6-21-2016

Unplugged -- YA dystopia 6-21

*****School Of The dead -- Avi 6-21

Ms Bixbys Last Day -- ya kids who love teacher 6-21

*****The Detective and the Chinese high Fin --LA  mystery, second in series 6-21

Judenstaadt -- sci-fi alternate history of Jewish state 6-21

The Innocent Have Nothing To fear -- political satire set during election; 272 pages; 6-28

***My father Before Me -- memoir, suicidal father, generations by poet 6-28

All In -- Swedish romance in world of high finance 6-28

**The Age of Myth -- fantasy Michael J Sullivan new series 6-28

Missing, Presumed -- UK thriller w female detective 6-28

**Jackson, 1964 -- Calvin Trillin pieces, race, 6-28

And I Darken -- ya historical epic set in Ottoman empire 6-28-2016

Rise Of The machines nonfic 6-28 

The Storyteller -- picture book 6-28

The Swan Book -- fantasy 6-28

**The Enemy Above -- YA about 12 year old nhiding from Nazis 6-28

**Never Misisng Never Found -- YA about runaway girl by publicist in NYC 6-28

JULY 2016

How To Set A Fire And Why -- Jesse Ball fic, 304 pages; best-seller 7-5

This Savage Song -- new YA fantasy series 7-5

***An Innocent Fashion -- fic in fashion world, insider, gay 7-5

***Without the Moon -- mystery, London blitz 7-5

Absalom's Daughters - fic, two sisters one black one white in Jim Crow south road trip 7-5

***The Unknown Universe -- science, latest insight into universe 7-5

**The Waking Fire -- new fantasy series by Anthony Ryan 7-5

*******Underground Airlines -- fic, sci-fi Ben Winters 7-5

***The End Of The Perfect 10 -- nonfic sports tale history gymnastics 7-5

****Learning To Swear In America -- YA about asteroid hurtling toward earth and 17 year old trying to help NASA 7-5

*****Accidence Will Happen -- grammar book 7-5

*****Here Comes The Sun -- fic debut, huge buzz, set in Jamaica 7-5

*****Cyberspies -- nonfiction history of espionage, hacking cyber surveillance etc 7-5

****Our Sister Republics -- history, how US turned back on revolution in Latin America 7-5

Bobby Kennedy bio 7-5-2016

**The Big Change -- Amer popular history reissues Frederick Lewis Allen

***** In The Shadow Of Frankenstein -- anthology of stories inspired by 7-5

Critics Monsters Fanatics essays by Cynthia Ozick 7-5

A Life Beyond Boundaries -- memoir of naturalist/philosopher? dead 7-5-2016

***How The World Breaks -- nonfiction about natural catastrophes around the world 7-12

**The Wicked Boy -- true crime Victorian child murderer 7-12

***Chance Developments -- Alexander McCall Smith short stories 7-12

***Yvgeny Onegin -- new trans of Pushkin 7-12

Wear and Tear -- memoir of Kenneth Tynan's daughter, fashion 7-12

The Devourers -- fic/fantasy by Indian author of India 7-12

*****You'll Grow Out Of It -- Jessi Klein essays, humor, stand-up 7-12

The Year 200 -- Cuban sci-fi literary fiction 7-12

Paradise Lodge by Nina Stibbe (author of memoir) humorous 7-12

Big Book Of Science Fiction -- anthology of classics 7-12

****Champion of the World -- lit fic set in world of 1920s pro wrestling 7-12

Drowned Worlds -- sci-fi anthology w Kim Stanley Robinson et al 7-12

******Brazilionaires -- nonfict about Brazil 7-12

Stranger, Father, Beloved -- literary fiction, possibly gay dad? 7-12

***Invaders -- sci-fi collection but not of usual suspects -- Junot Diaz, Stephen Millhauser etc. 7-12

This Must Be The place -- romance, fict by Maggie O'Farrell -- 7-19-2016

Revolver - mys multi-gen set in Philly 7-19

***The Castle Of Kings -- historical thriller guy of Hangman series 7-19

Imprudence -- Gail Corriger fantasy monsters, steampunky 7-19

****Head In The Cloud -- nonfic, why knowing things matters even though you can look anything up 7-19

Fallout -- Harry Turtledove cold war alternate history sci-fi 7-19-2016

Monterey Bay -- fic debut set in 1940s and John Steinbeck and cannery row 7-19

***The Unseen World -- acclaimed fic w sci-fi about daughter exploring virtual reality to connect w long-gone father's work, Science. 7-26

**********Heroes Of The Frontier by Dave Eggers -- fiction 7-26

This Is Not A Werewolf Story YA fantasy 7-26

Home Field -- novel, pb orig about football coach in small town whose wife kills herself 7-26

And Soon I Hear A Roaring Wind -- nonfic history of wind 7-26

The Hidden Letters Of Velta B -- fic about boy bringing healing to Latvian town 7-26

***Love and Ruin -- nonfic pieces from The Atavaist magazine 7-26


*****Another Brooklyn -- first adult novel by Jacquelyn Woodson in 20 years -- under 200 pages 8-9

***********Please Enjoy Your Happiness -- memoir of sailor and Japanese lover WW II 8-9

***The Real James Dean -- bio based on interviews of those who worked with him (Chicago Press) 8-1

***Makoons by Louise Erdrich -- second trilogy of indigenous American stories for ya 8-9-2016

***The Fire This Time -- essay collection on race 8-2

Stealing Indians -- John Smelcer -- ya 8-2

****Patrick Griffins Last Breakfast On Earth -- YA fantasy 8-2

The King's Revenge -- history Charles II and greatest manhunt  in British history 8-2

*****Harmony -- carolyn Parkhurst fiction, family w freakishly smart daughter moves in desperation to Camp Harmony with guru in raising family sort of compound 8-2

******City Of Sedition -- history NYC during Civil War 8-2

****The Rest I Will Kill -- narrative history; slave William Tillman seizes ship 8-16

*****************Nothing Short Of Dying -- thriller endorsed by every big gun in town 8-16

****Ghost Talkers -- fantasy about spiritualists in WWI, female author  8-16

The Gentleman-- Monty Python-esque UK tale of poet selling wife to Devil, Victorian romp 8-16

***Lucid Living -- self help new age - one hour to read! 8-16

The Devil's defender -- memoir of defense attorney 8-1

The Chosen Ones --historical fiction about orphanage home of Nazi euthanasia program 8-2

Brain Storm -- thriller from Amazon, Thomas mercer/pr friends 8-2

The Hamilton Affair -- fiction about Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler 8-2

Bright, Precious Days -- new Jay McInerney 8-2

War Porn -- novel war in Iraq and US from both sides 8-2

A Wife Of Noble Character -- Houston comedy of manners 8-2

The Bones Of Paradise -- fic, set in Nebraska after Wounded Knee, multi-gen saga 8-2

****The Sacred Hunt Duology -- fantasy pairing of two linked novels 8-2

I Shot The Buddha -- Colin Cotterill -- mys series set in Cambodia, retired coroner  8-2

Marked For Death: The First War In The Air -- history of warfare in the air in WW I   8-2

The Book That Matters Most -- novel about book club 8-9

***War and Turpentine -- WWI novel Flemish author, intl best-seller 8-9

Good Morning, Midnight -- literary sci-fi 8-9

Dinosaurs on Other Planets -- fic, short stories 8-9

********Arrowood -- literary mystery/thriller female author, pedigree 8-9

The Guns Of Empire -- latest fantasy by Django Wexler 8-9

******One Of These Things First -- memoir by gay Jewish Stephen Gaines 8-9

****Seoul Man -- memoir of white man working at Hyundai in Korea 8-16

****The Golden Age -- fic, WW II, refugees, Australia, boy w polio etc (Europa) 8-16

**Bird In A Cage -- reissues of French mysteries 8-16

*******The Art Of Rivalry -- history of famous competitive artists - Matisse v Picasso etc 8-16

Curious Minds -- new series by Janet Evanovich 8-16

*****In Defense Of Housing -- polemic about housing crisis in every major city in world 8-16

***Behold The Dreamers -- lit fic about Cameroonian immigrants in US  8-23

****Surrender New York -- Caleb Carr w contemporary thriller  8-23

Writings On The Wall -- essays by Kareem Abdul Jabar 8-23

The Dollhouse -- fic set in barbizan hotel for women in NYC in 1950s  8-23

Where The Jews Aren't -- history of Jews in 20th century Russia 8-23

***A Dangerous Game -- ya set in WWI w female protagonist 8-23

****The Book -- nonfic look at history of printing books 8-23

The Secret Sea -- YA fantasy w male protagonist 8-23

The Perfect Horse -- nonfic look at WWII rescue of horses behind enemy lines 8-23

***What They'll Never Tell You About Music Business 8-23

***Red Dog -- latest pb orig in ongoing mystery series 8-23

*****The Left-Handed Fate -- YA fantasy w female protag, good reviews 8-23

*****The Nix -- literary fiction, son tracking down radical mom who abandoned him 8-30

****How To Travel Without seeing -- award winning travel writer, latin america 8-30

***Georgia Peaches -- YA high school lesbian 8-30

***Wish -- gentle middle grade novel about 11 year old girl wishing for a family 8-30

The Monster On The Road Is Me -- YA fantasy, high school Japanese kid w narcolepsy and powers to save world 8-30

Breaking Through Power -- Ralph Nader polemic 8-30

Sixth watch -- Russian sci-fi, final in series 8-30

The Call -- sci=fi dystopian a la Hunger Games 8-30

******Slow Days, Fast Company -- LA memoir NYRB  8-30

***Ashes of Fiery Weather -- lit fic families of firemen post 9-11  8-30

****Dream of Enlightenment -- history of philosophy, nonfic great reviews 8-30

*****Moo -- middle grade novel by Sharon Creech 8-30


******Razor Girl -- mys new Carl Hiaasen 9-6-2016

Strangers In Their Own Land -- nonfic look at American right on ground level 9-6

********Mischling -- novel set in Auschwitz w twin sisters Little Brown, 9-6
*****Against Everything -- essays by mark Greif 9-6
Love From Boy -- letters Roald Dahl to mother 9-6
****His Final Battle -- FDR's last days history 9-6
***best American Poetry 2016 9-6
The Ones -- YA sci-fi about genetically engineered teens embattled by society that mistrusts them 9-6
********Wildwitch: Wildfire -- YA from Danish author, vol one of trilogy 9-6
The World In Flames -- memoir black kid w blind parents in white supremacist doomsday cult 9-6
*** Defying The Nazis -- history of US minister and wife rscuing Jews in Prague in WWII, Ken      Burns produced documentary 9-6
John Aubrey: My Own Life -- NYRB Ruth Scurr reimagines bio in bio of first major biographer 9-6
*****************Substitute -- Nicholson Baker memoir sub teacher 9-6
******TV (The Book) rundown by Two critics on best tv 9-6
****Cast Away -- nonfic about Euro refugee crisis, personal stories 9-6
Girl Mans Up -- YA about teen with gender identity/who am I issues 9-6
****ADHD Nation -- nonfic about ADHD natch 9-6
Lady Cop makes Trouble -- second in mys series 9-6
A Field Guide To Lies -- nonfic about critical thinking 9-6
*****Best. State. Ever -- Dave Barry defends Florida 9-6
*******The 37th Parallel -- Ben Mezrich nonfiction about sheriff asst obsessed with UFOs 9-6
*****The O'Henry Prize Stories 2016 9-6
The Fortunes -- lit fic, chinese americans 9-6
One Half From the East -- YA debut by author of acclaimed literary/middle eastern fic 9-6
Irreversible -- YA sequel about accused date rapist 9-6
The Masked City -- fantasy, latest in Invisible Library series 9-6
Of Sands and Malice -- fantasy in Scattered Sands series 9-6
***** A Gentleman In Moscow -- lit fic, count sentenced to life in hotel from 1920s on during decades of upheaval 9-6-2016 by Amor Towles
******The Pigeon Tunnel -- John Le Carre memoir 9-6-2016
You Must Change Your Life -- history, Rilke and Rodin bio 9-6
Emotional Agility -- self-help Harvard Bus Review touted 9-6 ***
Darktown -- black cops period mys  9-6 *******

***************The Underground Railroad -- Colson Whitehead 9-13

The Miracle Myth -- duh, miracles don't happen 9-13

*******Darktown -- mystery set in Atlanta in late 1940s when first black cops hired 9-13

Generation Chef - nonfic look at three young chefs in first year of new restaurant 9-13

The Gospel Of Simon -- major blurbs from Tutu, Dalai Lama et al 9-13

*****The Well-Tempered City -- future of urban living by major planner, architect 9-13

***Between Life and death -- memoir Israeli writer after coma  9-13

You're Saying It Wrong -- word guide 9-13

Girlfriends Ghost and Other Stories -- by Robert Walser, insane asylum NYRB reissue 9-13 *******

****The Edge -- cheating in sports, freelancer NYT etc. 9-13

****The Forgetting YA dystopian blah blah blah, good reviews 9-13

****The Secrets Of Wishtide -- Dickensian mystery, first in series 9-13

Murder At The House Of Rooster Happiness -- nurse detective in Thailand  9-13 *****

The Adventurer's Guide To Successful escapes -- middle grade sci-fi and fantasy 9-13

Original Gangstas - history of West Coast rap by writer for Guardian, Rolling Stone etc 9-13 ****

In The Mountains Of Madness -- HP Lovecraft bio/context 9-13

***The Island -- YA teen stranded on island 9-13

**************The Hidden Life Of Trees -- science book on social nature of trees 9-13

***Dark Horses -- ya retelling of Black Beauty modern by Gossip Girl author 9-13

Trotsky In New York, 1917  -- bio 9-13

Fates & Traitors -- John Wilkes Booth novel 11-13

Two Naomis -- middle grade fic 9-13 ***

Running Man -- memoir Charlie Engle -- running, addiction 9-13

****Umami -- fic set in Mexico City; acclaim  9-13

*******Blue Madonna -- Billy Boyle WW II mystery  9-13

A Tree Or A person Or a Wall -- short stories by Matt Bell  9-13

Reading The Silver Screen -- pb orig about film 9-13

Summerlong -- Peter S Beagle fantasy 9-13 *******

*****What The F -- history of swearing 9-13

***** Are You An Echo -- children's poetry by Misuzu Kaneko  9-13

***Little Nothing -- Marisa Silver literary magic realism 9-13

*****The Peculiar Night Of The Blue Heart -- middle grade w kids fighting evil spirit 9-13

***Blood Crime -- lit fic gothic horror -- spanish civil war with vampires 9-13

*****Fear Drive My Feet -- memoir of Aussie in New Guinea surviving Japanese encroachment, classic 9-13

****Commonwealth -- Ann Patchett decade spanning novel 9-13

Loner fiction 9-13-2016 college student romance/gender identity

Where Am I now? child actor mara Wilson memoir 9-13

Good Vibrations -- Mike Love bio 9-13

Writing Without Bullshit -- writing guide 9-13

**********The Kept Woman -- Karin Slaughter 9-20

********Thrice The Brinded cat Hath Mewed new flavia de luce  9-20

*****The Tide -- popular science on tides 9-20

*****The Initiation -- YA Sherlock Holmes reboot, Ridley pearson 9-20

***Now: the Physics Of Time -- popular science on time 9-20

A Truck Full Of Money -- tracey kidder nonfic 9-20

*******Hero Of The Empire -- bio of Churchill and Boer war; author of River Of Doubt  9-20

A Proper Drink -- history of cocktails by NYT reporter 9-20

*****Three Dark Crowns -- ya fantasy, highly touted 9-20

A Kingdom Of Their Own -- Afghan Karzai family bio; us fuckery 9-20

****The Sultan and the Queen -- history about Elizabethan England and Islam -- business flourishes after she's excommunicated  9-20

Treyf -- memoir of unorthodox jew 9-20

The Bookshop On The Corner -- library romance 9-20

Anybody -- poems by Ari Banias 9-20

How To make A Spaceship -- business book 9-20

Reputations -- novel about famed political cartoonist 9-20

****Fishbone's Song -- Gary Paulsen ya  9-27

***The Ferryman Institute -- sci-fi fantasy light 9-27

Eleanor and Hick -- bio of Eleanor Roosevelt and her very good friend 9-27

The Secret Keepers -- ya, author of Mysterious Benedict Society 9-27

Unbound -- ya runaway slaves, verse 9-27


Falling Over Sideways ya  9-27

A Taste For Monsters -- ya historical mystery, disfigured woman, elephant man, jack the ripper 9-27

***The Last Days of Night -- gilded age novel, edison versus westinghouse lawsuit, young attoryney 9-27-2016

***A Night Without Stars -- Peter Hamilton sci-fi  9-27

The Black Notebook by patrick Modiano 9-27

The Last Wolf -- two short works by latest International Booker winner 9-27


********The French Chef In America -- Julia Child bio part 2   10-4-2016

******Napoleon's Last Island -- Thomas Kenneally 10-4

Rules For Others -- essays by Richard Greenberg 10-4

All The Real Indians Died Off -- essays about myths of Indigenous Americans 10-4

****El Paso -- Winston Groom novel, Mexican revolution 10-4

Crosstalk -- Connie Willis sci-fi 10-4

American Ulysses -- Grant bio 10-4

***The Complete Polly and the Wolf NYRB kids  10-4

*****Four Futures: Life After Capitalism, short nonfic 10-4

****Ashes by Laurie Hale Anderson -- ya, colonial, slavery 10-4

A Killer In King's Cove -- British post war mystery 10-4

Replica -- ya sci-fi identity piece 10-4

Impyrium -- ya fantasy series #1  10-4

Dolce Vita Confidential -- Fellini, Loren, Rome in 1950s pop history 10-4

Goldenhand -- latest Garth nix fantasy 10-4

The Rain In Portugal -- Billy Collins poems 10-4

This Adventure Ends -- ya 10-4

**Last Seen Leaving -- gay YA? `10-4

The Joint Ventured nation -- new foreign policy 10-4

***Firewalk -- urban mystery/horror by author of iZombie comic 10-4

****Loving, Caught, Back all by Henry Green reissue NYRB 10-4

*******Mystery In White -- classic UK mystery reissue 10-4

Crossing The Horizon -- three aviatrixes compete to be first to cross Atlantic 10-4

****Rules For Others To Live By - Richard Greenberg essays 10-4

Today Will Be Different -- novel by Maria Semple 10-4

The Big Book Of Jack The Ripper -- anthology Otto Penzler 10-4

News Of The World -- western? Paulette Jiles -- former military man taking orphan to new in=laws who don't want her. Charming  10-4

The Walls Of Storm -- sci-fi Ken Liu book two 10-4

A revolution In Color -- nonfic bio of Copley, america's first great portrait painter 10-4

Colonel Lagrimas -- debut novel Borgesian about mathematician 10-4

Sirius -- comic novel dog takes on Hitler 10-4

Into The Guns -- William Deitz military sci-fi 10-4

Among The Living -- Holocaust survivor in Georgia USA in 1940s 10-4

Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down -- school shooting; adult fic? 10-4

Small Great Things -- Jodi Picoult fic 10-11

***The Signalman - Dickens ghost story 10-11

********A Very Russian Christmas collection 10-11

**********Echoes of Sherlock Holmes comp edited by Laurie King 10-11

**********A Very English Scandal -- nonfic history of British MP gay scandal in 1970s  10-11

The Comet Seekers -- litfic, 10-11

Every Hidden Thing -- YA science story fictional of hunt for dinosaur skeleton 10-11

Phoenix -- ya from UK 10-11

****Precious and Grace -- #1 ladies detective agency  10-11-2016

****The Secret Horses of Briar Hill -- ya fantasy good reviews 10-11

Never Look An American In The Eye -- memoir of Nigerian Amer 10-11

French Rhapsody -- series of light novels, charming, 10-11

The Ghosts Of Birds -- essays by Eliot Weinberger 10-11

Entering History -- poems by MaryStewart Hammond 10-11

Martutene -- classic Basque novel 10-11

The day the Revolution Began -- NT Wright liberal Christian book on Crucifixion 10-11

The Mothers 10-11

The Other Einstein -- novel about wife of Albert 10-18-2016

Cakewalk -- fic rita mae brown 10-18

Cracking The Cube -- Rubik's Cube nonfic 10-18

****A Gambler's Anatomy -- Jonathan Lethem 10-18

**The Attention Merchants -- nonfic  10-18

Here's a Brilliant idea --spark creativity 10-18

***The Starlit Wood -- fantasy fairy tale anthology; Naomi Novik incl  10-18

The German Girl -- fic novel; good review; book club friendly 10-18

City Of Dreams - history of immigrants in US, NYC scholar, too academic? 10-18

**The Eastern Shore by Ward Just fic 10-18

Iza's Ballad -- NYRB reissue 10-18

Mister Monkey -- fiction/theater 10-18

***IQ -- new mystery series, Japanese American in LA solving crimes a la Holmes 10-18

****The Girl From Venice -- martin cruz smith stand-alone set in WWII 10-18

**The Fall Guy noir-ish novel by James Lasdun Columbia prof  10-18

***They're Playing Our Song -- memoir by Carole Bayer Sager  10-18

****Konundrum -- Kafka letters diaries stories 10-18

***The Lion In The Living Room --- nonfiction science about cats 10-18

Angelic Music -- history of Ben Franklin's musical instrument armonium 10-18

****Truevine -- nonfic about two boys stolen from slavery and turned into circus freaks in early 1900s; mother spent 28 years fighting to get them back 10-18

America's Bank -- history of Fed Reserve 10-20 pb release

*****The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories PD James 10-25

A Lowcountry Heaert - Pat Conroy 10-25

Turner bio of painter 10-25

Blood Red Snow White -- thriller about journalist and Trotsky's secretary, good reviews 10-25

The Sick Bag Song -- Nick Cave memoir short  10-25

land Of love and ruins -- icelandic author, bjork, short 10-25

***Play It Loud -- bio of electric guitar 10-25

Something For Nothing -- Wall Street ethics 10-25

Pretty Paper -- novel by Willie Nelson 10-25

Bleed Blister Puke and Purge -- early medicine 10-25

****Vanity Fair's Writers on Writers anthology 10-25

****Alfred Hitchcock bio by Peter Ackroyd 10-25

Genghis Khan and the Quest for God history, faith 10-25

****The Boat Rocker -- new Ha Jin fic 10-25-2016

It's Not Me It's You ya romance 10-25

The Death and Life Of Zebulon Finch Volume Two 10-25

The Education Of Dixie Dupree pb orig 10-25

****Fish Won't Let me Sleep -- fisherman essays 10-25

**How To Keep  A Boy From Kissing You -- YA w theater staging of Much Ado 10-25

If The magic Fits -- fairy tale ya newish author female protag 10-25

***Glitter -- best-selling author standalone, near future Marie Antoinette dealing drugs 10-25

The Quartermaster -- bio of union quartermaster and his key role in victory 10-25

***Lucky 666 -- WWII true story of bombers over Japan, longest dogfight ever, etc 10-25

*****The Earth Is Weeping -- history, white man and Native Americans 10-28-2016


Thus Bad begins -- novel by author of The Infatuations Javier Marias 11-1

The Face-faker's game -- fantasy Dickensian  debut S and S 11-1

Countdown to Pearl harbor -- nonfic 11-1

Iron Dawn -- civil war monitor merrimack battle 11-1

The Spy Who Couldn't Spell nonfic dyslexic traitor 11-=1

Nothing But Trouble -- Jacqueline davies lemonade wars middle grade, spunky girls 11-1

What Have We Done: moral injury of war nonfic 11-1

Blood For Blood ya sequel to Wolf By Wolf 11-1

Anatomy of A Song -- Grove Atlantic nonfic  11-1

Congress of Secrets -- fantasy/romance by female author 11-1

A Boy Called Christmas -- UK charmer great reviews fic 200+ pages 11-1

Teddy And Co -- new Cynthia Voigt early reader 200  11-1

A Wretched and Precarious Position -- anotheer arctic tale nonfic 11-1

In The Country of The Blind -- edward Hoagland novel 11-1

The Shores Of Tripoli new series a la Hornblower 11-1-2016

Am I Alone Here? -- memoir/joy of reading 11-1-2016

The Burning Isle -- debut fantasy 11-1

The Bone Sparrow -- ya about immigrants in detention center in Australia 11-1

Orphans Of The carnival -- novel carol birch, acclaim, circus freak 1800s 11-08

Babylon Line -- play by Richard Greenburg 11-8

The Mountain Of Kept Memory by Rachel Neumeier fantasy a la Guy Gavriel Kay 11-8

Four Four Two -- YA about Japanese American soldier in WWII 11-8

Collected Millar -- Stranger in my grave legendary pulp four in one 11-8

Timekeeper -- queer YA fantasy steampunk 11-8

After Atlas -- sci-fi Emma Newman 11-8

Labyrinths -- nonfic Emma Jung bio 11-8

My Lost Poets -- Philip Levine 11-8

When memory comes -- reissue Holocaust memoir 11-8

A Death In The Islands -- nonfic Clarence darrow's last trial 11-8

The memoirs of a polar bear -- enigmatic novel by Tawakada rave reviews, short ND 11-8

***********Writing To Save A Life by John edgar Wideman -- nonfic life of Emmett Till and his father Louis 11-15

Swing Time Zadie Smith 11-15

**The Waiting Room -- pb orig 11-15

My Sister Rosa -- creepy YA, sis is a potential serial killer 11-15

Born A Crime Trevor Noah bio 11-15

Culdesac -- sequel to Mort(e) cat fantasy series, mordant 11-15

The Unnatural World -- environmental cri du coeur 11-15

Ruler Of The Night -- Victorian mystery, opium eater, final in trilogy 11-15

A Matter Of Honor -- Pearl harbor nonfic by grandsons 11-15

Pirate Utopia sci-fi fantasy Bruce Sterling 11-15

ReThink -- history of ideas 11-15

Bellevue -- history 11-15

payoff -- motivation by Dan Ariely TED talk 11-15

Positive Discipline Parenting Tools 11-15

Last Girl Before Freeway -- Joan Rivers bio 11-15

****Odessa Stories by Isaac Babel 224 pages  11-15

*****Beyond Earth -- nonfic about living in solar system 11-15

Absolutely On Music -- Haruki Murakami in conversation about music 11-15

****Brothers At Arms -- American Revolution and how France and Spain saved it 11-15

Ray And Joan -- bio of husband and wife behind McDonald's and how she gave away their fortune 11-15

*********Moonglow by Michael Chabon 11-22

***********Novels Tales Journeys -- Pushkin translated by Pevear etc 11-22

Conclave - mys by Robert Harris Vatican thriller 11-22

Scythe -- Neal Schusterman YA fantasy dystopian thingie 11-22

Island people -- history of caribbean region 11-22

Victoria - bio by Julia Baird --

Not had yet: Victoria novel by

The Marches by Rory Stewart -- travel history by best-selling acclaimed author 11-22

*****Naming Thy Name -- Shakespeare sonnets, names his love (Print) 11-29

The Whole Town's Talking by Fannie Flagg 11-29

Pilgrimmage -- Pope Francis bio 11-29

Victoria: The Queen by Julia Baird, bio 11-29

The Mayor Of Mogadishu -- nonfic of Somali refugee returnee mayor  11-29

To Capture What We Cannot Keep -- historical fic, forbidden love amidst construction of Eifel Tower 11-29

****How To Survive A Plague -- from movie nonfic 11-29

A Path To Peace - George Mitchell on Israel Palestine  11-29

Searching For John Hughes 11-29


Eight Flavors -- Untold Story of American Cuisine 12-6

*****George Lucas A Life 12-6

*****Krazy George Herriman bio 12-6

Of All That Ends -- Gunter Grass mediation on living and dying 12-6

Against Empathy: The Case For Rational Compassion nonfic 12-6

A Woman looking At men looking at Women -- essays 12-6

Crown Of Blood -- Lady jane grey bio 12-6

Mincemeat -- Italian chef memoir, great cover 12-6

The Wood For The Trees -- nonfic about nature 12-6

Out Of Bounds Val McDermid mystery 12-6

Plaid and Plagiarism -- highland cozy mystery 12-6

Wildwitch: Oblivion -- ya circa Dave Eggers 12-6 second in series

*****The Glass Universe by Dava Sobel 12-6

The Way Of The Writer by Charles Johnson 12-6

The feud -- Nabakov v Edmund Wilson 12-6

*****Mind Games -- ya Holmmes & Watson teens 12-6

Earth In Human hands nonfic treatise 12-6

Jerusalem Fire -- sci-fi reissue 12-6

Dance On The Volcano -- reissue classic Haitian novel 12-6

All joe Knight -- fic debut by entertainment player/journalist; high school basketball 12-6

The Private Lives Of The Tudors pop history 12-13

Kill The Next One -- literary thriller 12-13

*****Bryant And May Strange Tide mys 12-13

At What Cost -- debut thriller 12-13

*****The Hollow Men -- London mys series by internist, new launch 12-20

*****Set Your Voice Free -- self help vocals 12-27

*****Civilianized -- war memoir 12-27

The Wearle -- new fantasy/ya series by Chris d"Lacey 12-27-2016

*****If Our Bodies Could Talk -- Atlantic writer, 12-27 nonfic

The Secret Life Of Fat -- nonfic about fat 12-27

Books For Living -- memoir, self-help but literary 12-27-2016 


****The Most Dangerous Place On Earth -- acclaimed debut novel set in high school adult not ya 1-3-2017

The Lost City Of The Monkey God by Douglas Preston nonfic 1-3-2017

The Acid test -- acclaimed Mexican mystery sereis 1-3-2017

Different Class-- by Joanne Harris prep school sociopath 1-3-2017

The Heart Of What Was Lost -- Tad Williams new fantasy cycle 1-3-2017

The Dead Seekers fantasy 1-3-2017

Radicalization -- why some turn ot violence 1-3-2017

The Red Sphinx -- Three Musketeers sequel in English for first time in 100 years 1-3-2017

History of Wolves -- lit fic gothic coming of age, almost -- trade starred reviews 1-3-2017

The Fourth Industrial Revolution -- nonfic by major thinker MIT harvard reviews 1-3-2017

Scar Island -- middle grade/ya about reform school, well reviewed author 1-3-2017

An Unsettling Crime for Samuel craddock -- mys series 1-3-2017

Letters To A Young Muslim -- 1-3-2017

The Icarus Show -- ya bullying; can a kid fly?  1-3-2017

The Warden's Daughter -- ya about girl getting over mother's death by Jerry Spinelli 1-3-2017

Flying Lessons -- ya anthology of diverse stories 1-3-2017

The Borrowed -- mys Korean detective eye of heaven, tells Korean history 1-3-2017

Almost Autumn -- ya 1-3-2017

Love and First Sight -- ya media star 1-3-2017

The Homework Strike -- middle grade 1-3-2017

Birds Art Life -- nonfic about nature, observation Kyo Maclear

War Against War by Michael kazin history of protests against WWI, government harassment etc 1-3-2017

The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett -- fic, light mystery 1-2-2017

Selection Day lit fic by author of White Tiger, India, set in Mumbai slum 1-3-2017

Glittering World -- suspense/supernatural by playwright in paperback -1-3-2017

The Egyptians -- nonfic on toppling of Mubarak 1-3-2017

A Consequential President 1-3-2017

Huck out West -- by Robert Coover 1-10-2017

Storm In A teacup -- every day physics 1-10-2017

The Second Mrs Hockaday -- Civil War tale of woman running plantation while husband away, based on true story  1-10-2017

A House Full Of Females -- early Mormon women 1-10-2017

Valley Of The Gods -- Silicon Valley tale of excess reportage by by WSJ 1-10-2017

A List Of cages - ya about teen boy befriending foster brother, abuse etc. 1-10-2017

The Burning Page -- Invisible Library fantasy 1-10-2017

Afternoons in Paris -- mys gay Francis Bacon 1-10-2017

A World In Disarray 1-10-2017

Tow-Truck Pluck Dutch kids book; short 1-10-2017

The Dry -- Australain thriller, across the board acclaim 1-10-2017

American Hookup -- sex on campus 1-10-2017

The Cyclist Who Went Out In The Cold -- bicycle trip Iron Curtain 1-10-2017

Always Happy Hour short stories 1-10-2017

Savage Theories -- fic Argentinian novel trans 1-10-2017

The Afterlife of Stars -- fic good reviews  1-10-2017

****The Bear and the Nightingale -- debut fantasy, RH big push Russian setting, Naomi Novik 1-10-2017

Lucky Boy by Shanti Sekaran -- fiction about Mexican undocumented mother and Indian-American mother who both care for same child 1-10-2017

Washington's Farewell -- nonfic look at first president farewell address 1-10-2017

****Economism -- nonfic on inequality and ideology that distorts basic economics 1-10-2017

Light Come Shining -- Dylan bio 1-13-2017 (OUP)

****How America Lost Its secrets - nonfic about edward Snowden 1-17-2017

History Is All You left Me -- gay ya 1-17-2017

Galactic Empires -- sci-fi anthology 1-17

*****Audacity -- nonfic on Obama's presidency 1-17-27

At The End Of The World -- nonfic murder Inuit in 1940s 1-17-2017

The Art Of Being Free -- nonifc on what deTouqueville can teach us about ourselves 1-17 Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk -- fic - Mrs Dalloway like novel set in one day in 1984 when old woman goes for a walk 1-17-2017

Homesick For Another World -- short stories 1-17-2017

World Chase Me Down -- fic western 1-24-2017

Earning The Rockies by Robert Kaplan 1-24

***Days Without End -- gay historical fic Sebastian Barry 1-24-2017

A Really Good Day -- memoir about micro-dosing 1-24-2017

***Why Time Flies -- science book 1-24-2017

Mexico by Josh barkan short stories, Mexico drug cartels 1-24

A Man For All Markets -- business bio 1-24

The Signal Flame -- lit fic Vietnam vet returning, big acclaim 1-24

True South -- making of Eyes On The Prize 1-24

The You I've Never Known -- Ellen Hopkins YA thriller of sorts 1-24

The Fifth petal -- mys series, supernatural Salem, second in series 1-24

***Why Time Flies -- New Yorker writer on time 1-24-2017

A Conversation In Blood -- fantasy series 1-24

Testosterone Rex -- science on sex 1-24

The Price For Their Pound Of Flesh -- history, slaves 1-24-2017

no Man's Land -- WWI Simon Tolkien 1-24

The Patriots -- debut novel by Sana Krasikov 1930s-1980s US and Moscow 1-24-2017

The Book That Changed America -- nonfic by Randall Fuller on Darwin's book 1-24

Who Killed Piet Barol by Richard Mason lit fic con artists circa WWI in South Africa 1-24

Dust Bowl Girls -- nonfic about female basketball team 1-24

The Prometheus Man -- thriller debut 1-24

The Train I Ride -- middle grade historical fic 1-24

Creating Freedom -- liberal call to arms 1-31 

The Evenings -- classic Dutch novel by first openly gay writer in that country 1-31-2017

The Edge of Everything -- ya bounty hunter scifi fantasy 1-31

The Original Black Elite -- history 1-31

The Man Who Never Stopped Sleeping -- fic Holocaust novel 1-31

The Age Of Caesar -- new trans of Plutarch bios 1-31-2017

The Animators -- lit fic female 1-31

Crossroads of Canopy -- new fantasy trilogy, female author 1-31-2017

The Harlem Charade -- middle grade tale mys/artist 1-31-

The Blood Of Emmet Till 1-31

Silver Stars -- Jan 31 ya women in war

Bears in the Streets -- Russia travels, 95/05/15 -- 1-31-2017

Me and marvin gardens -- middle grade by ya best-seller; kid and eco-themed animal that eats plastic 1-31-2017

The Harlem Charade -- middle grade, kids solve mystery.painting 1-31-2017

The Crystal Ribbon -- twelve year old girl in medieval China 1-31-2017


All Our Wrong Todays -- guy from idealistic perfect future travels in time to our messed up era...and discovers his soul mate 2-7-2017

Blue on Blue -- police 2-7

Amberlough -- alternate period gay double agent thriller!******** excerpt only

The Ruler's Guide -- hip new SunTzu translation of ancient text 2-7

The Impossible Fortress -- Quirk publisher debut fic, boy who pretends to like a girl to get Playboy mag  2-7-2017

The Stars Are legion -- sci-fi female author, space opera 2-7-2017

Robert B parker's Revelation -- new western  2-7

From Bacteria to Bach and Back -- philosophy about materialistic approach to consciousness 2-7

Pachinko -- lit fic awesome cover 2-7

Know This -- brief bits on latest scientific breakthroughs 2-7

To Name Those lost -- Tasmanian western 2-7

Never Caught -- history Washington hunting down escaped slave 2-7

Dance of the Jakaranda -- tale of Kenyan railroad, novel 2-7

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman 2-7-2017

The Evening Road -- lit fic Laird Hunt 2-7

The One Minute Workout exercise 2-7

The Nature Fix -- science behind benefits of nature -- 2-7

Universal Harvester -- horror/mys? by lead singer of Mountain Goats 2-7

Black Edge -- business nonfic hedge fund shenanigans 2-7

Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller best-seller lit fic 2-7

A Simple Story -- dance competition nonfic 2-7

This Close To Happy -- Daphne merkin memoir on depression 2-7

The Perpetual Now -- bio of severe amnesiac 2-7

The Vaccine race -- Sci history of medicine 2-7

The Book Thieves -- Nazi looting history Swedish author, acclaim first in English 2-7

Six Encounters With Lincoln -- history 2-7

Spurt -- kid tries to fake puberty 2-7

Nowhere near You -- YA sequel to because You'll Never Meet Me 2-7

Swiss Vendetta -- debut mystery 2-7

The mesmerist -- kids book 2-7

The Sensational Past -- history of Enlightenment, senses 2-7 acclaim

A Country Between -- memoir -- Catholic monk woman kids, israel Palestine border 2-7-2017

The One Inside -- Sam Shepard's first novel 2-7

Autumn -- new novel by Ali Smith, first in quartet 2-7

The Blood Of Emmett Till -- nonfic 2-7-2017

Hit makers -- science of popularity in age of distraction 2-7

Cruel mercy -- crime series UK cop first time in US 2-7-

Caught In The Revolution nonfic Russian revolution from perspective of foreign nationals 2-7-2017

Insomniac City -- memoir about friend of Oliver Sacks 2-14***

Lincoln In The Bardo -- george saunders 2-14

Piecing Me Together ya book 2-14**

Glass House -- nonfic narrative look at one town economic 2-14***

Be My Wolff -- lit fic incestuous siblings 2-14

Galdiators, Pirates and Games of Trust -- nonfic about game theory 2-14

A Question Of Order -- rise of strongmen in Turkey and India 2-14

The Evolution Underground sci book 2-14

The Islamic Jesus -- 2-14

We'll Always Have Casablanca 2-14

Miranda and Caliban -- female sci-fi author on Tempest 2-14**

We Were The Lucky Ones -- Polish Jews WWII separated determined to reunite 2-14

The Playbook -- YA self-help via sports angle 2-14

Stand Your Ground - history of lethal self-protection 2-14

The Chilbury Ladies' Choir -- WWII novel, pure book club catnip 2-14

Shadowbahn -- novel twin towers reappear in midwest 2-14*****

Gilded Cage -- fantasy aristocrats w magic versus lower class muggles 2-14

The World To Come -- stories by Jim Shepard 2-21

A Cast Of Vultures -- third in light mys series 2-21

Flaneuse nonfic women city walkers 2-21

Extreme measures end of life nonfic 2-21

Last Day On Earth -- short story collection by Eric Puchner 2-21

Setting Free The Kites lit fic 2-21

Shining City -- thriller debut 2-21

Fatal Option -- gay thriller 2-21

Dear Friend From My Life I Write... memoir 2-21

The Education Of Margot Sanches -- ya latina 2-21

Beautiful Broken Girls -- ya suicide mys, molestation etc 2-21

Stealing Fire nonfic high performance drugs, tech 2-21

Rusty Puppy -- Hal and Leonard Mys 2-21

A Piece Of The World -- by Christina Baker Kline fic best-selling author 2-21

Convergence -- science book 2-21

Death Going Down -- Argentine Agatha Christie 2-21

A Cast Of Vultures mys book lover 2-21

Stalin and the Scientists -- history, uk acclaim 2-21

Other People -- essays by David Shields 2-21

The English Agent -- Christopher Marlowe mys 2-21

The Inkblots -- nonfic Rorscharch test 2-21

Running by Carla Hoffman lit fic 2-21

American Sanctuary -- history of 1797 mutiny 2-21

Otherwise Known As Possum -- debut of deceased author, ya spunky southern kid 2-28-2017

Divided We Stand -- feminist movement 2-28

The Lost Book Of The Grail 2-28

The Home That Was Our Country -- Syria memoir 2-28

Game Of Shadows ya fantasy 2-28

Dodge City -- pop history 2-28

Everything Belongs To Us korean lit fic 2-28

The Hate U Give -- Black Lives Matter YA big auction 2-28

An Almond For A parrot -- Harlequin classy lit, fantasy romance 2-28

Grandpa's Great Escape -- 2-28

Daughter Of The pirate King ya 2-28

To Be A Machine -- science popular human machine 2-28

The Horseman byTim Pears 2-28

Pontius Pilate bio 280 pages 2-28

The Goldfish Boy -- autistic kid solves crime middle grade 2-28-2017

The Girl at the Baggage Claim -- Gish Jen on East West cultural differences 2-28

Frogkisser by Garth Nix 2-28-2017

Wild Lily -- ya girl growing up in 1920s UK; great cover 2-28-2017

Robert Lowell, Setting The River On Fire by Kay Redfield Jamison 2-28-2017

MARCH 2017

The Whole Art Of Detection -- Holmes stories by Lyndsay Faye 3-7-2017

Ill Will by Dan Chaon - lit fic mysteries past and present 3-7

Eveningland -- stories by Michael Knight Alabama 3-7

We Do Our Part -- nonfic on equality 3-7

Weaponized Lies -- thinking critically in Trump era 3-7

Edgar and Lucy -- lit fic son and mother 3-7

Misfit Faith -- memoir catholic convert (former pastor) 3-7

Max -- fable of kid in Nazi Lebensborn 3-7

The Weight Of The World (by author of Where Light Tends To Go) lit fic 3-7

The One-Eyed Man by Ron Currie -- lit satire pop culture politics 3-7

Agent 110 -- S and S nonfic about Allen Dulles and how he almost negotiated with German leaders to overthrow Hitler. 3-7-2017

The Night Ocean -- Lovecraftian, Rotter reviewing; stopped at 15%.  3-7-2016

A Climate Of Fear -- French mys series, pub made copy available  3-7 

Taduno's Song -- Nigerian debut novel 3-7

Quicksand -- Swedish mys stand alone 3-7

Say Nothing thriller 3-7

Painted Gun mys 3-7

The Principles Behind Flotation lit fic 3-7

The Bone Witch ya fantasy 3-7

Rabbit Cake by Annie Hartnett coming of age dead mom gayish dad 3-7

The Weight Of The World -- lit fic author's first acclaim and sales 3-7-2017
(Where All Light Tends To Go debut also available)

Piper Parish -- YA about high schooler poised for art school 3-7-2017

The Death and Life of the Great lakes -- nonfic science

The Confessions Of Young Nero --historical novel 3-7-2017

The Conference of the Birds by Attar sufi poet 3-7

Dadland -- dad w dementia, puzzling out his wartime heroics UK 3-7

How The Hell Did This Happen -- PJ O'Rourke 3-7

The Barrowfields -- lit fic 3-7

Celine - Peter Heller mystery, author of Dog Stars 3-7

The Stranger In The Woods -- RS reporter on hermit 3-7

The House Of Memory -- memoir about ww ii by John Freely 3-7

Armstrong and Charlie -- kids bussing novel 3-7-2017

The Inexplicable Logic Of My Life -- ya 3-7

Dear Ijeawele --  feminist manifesto 3-7

The Inheritance -- science family w Alzheiemer's 3-7

Blue Light Yokohama mys 3-7

The Wages of Sin historical mys female in medical school 3-7

Minds Of Winter lit fic 3-7

Standard Hollywood Depravity sci-fi mystery 3-7

The Crisis Of The Middle Class Constitution -- nonfic by Elizabeth Warren acolyte about inequality 3-14 

The Wanderers sci-fi acclaim 3-14

The Book Of Polly -- bookclub friendly sassy granny/figure 3-14

Everything Under The heavens -- China's past shaping its future 3-14

A Death By Any Other Name -- mys series period 3-14

The Gulf -- history of coast 3-14

Bronze and Sunflower ya china 3-14

Free Women Free men -- Camille Paglia 3-14

The Imagineers Of War -- story of DARPA nonfic 3-14

The Woman On The Stairs bernard Schlink lit fic 3-14

Everything Under The heavens -- nonfic about China, past shaping future 3-14 

The Fall of Lisa Bellow -- fic, girl who witnesses abduction 3-14-2017

Word By Word -- nonfic about dictionaries 3-14

Eyes Wide Open -- Ted Talk turned into book; inspirational 3-14

Brother's Ruin by Emma Newman new fantasy trilogy 3-14

City Of Light, City of Poison: First Paris Police Chief nonfic 3-21

****The Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane lit fic 3-21

Village Prodigies -- dense 192 page novel by poet 3-21

The Gargoyle Hunters -- litfic about scavenging priceless artifacts from old NYC buildings 3-21

My Life To Live Agnes Nixon memoir 3-21

A Colony In A Nation current events poor vs white america 3-21

Ice Ghosts -- lost Arctic explorers and modern discovery 3-21

Lola -- crime novel submissive gf is mastermind 3-21


Shadow Run -- ya sci-fi 3-21

Bull by David Elliott -- ya retelling of Theseus 3-28

The Women in the Castle fic post-WWII -- 3-28

The Inner Life Of Cats nonfic 3-28

Richard Nixon bio John Farrell 3-28 

The Devil's Feast by MJ Carter mys third in series 3-28

Dead Little Mean Girl -- Harlequin YA 3-28

Just Breathe -- health 3-28

Requiem for the American Dream -- Noam Chomsky 3-28

The Night mark -- Harlequin time travel romance 3-28

South Pole Station fic 3-28

A Perfect Obsession -- Heather Graham thriller Harlequin 3-28

The Face Of Water -- sarah Ruden on Bible as literature 3-28

The Lotterys Plus One -- middle grade by Emma "Room" Donoghue 3-28-2017

Braced -- ya about teen w scoliosis  3-28-2017

My Darling Detective by Howard Norman mys noir homage 3-28

Honestly Ben -- gay ya 3-28-2017

Night Witches: A Novel of WW II ya 3-28-2017

Literture Class, Berkeley 1980 Cortazar 3-28

Worthy -- ya about app for rating teens 3-28-2017

Gone Camping novel in verse kids 3-28

Things I Should Have Known -- ya 3-28

APRIL 2017

Rebel Mother -- bio great reviews, mom on run w kid, radical, South America 4-4

American War by Omar El Akkad 4-4

Falstaff by harold Bloom 4-4

Miss You romance 4-4

A Welcome Murder -- highly acclaimed mystery 4-4

The Gatekeepers nonfic gov 4-4

Bad Choices nonfic guide to algorithms 4-4

The Zoo founding of London zoo nonfic 4-4

The Song Of Trees science 4-4

Protestants history 4-4

A Fly Rod Of Your Own -- essays 4-4

Young and Damned and Fair -- bio of Henry VIII's fifth wife, acclaim 4-4

Gem and Dixie -- sisters in broken home ya 4-4

My Italian Bulldozer by Alexander McCall Smith 4-4

Living In The Weather Of The World stories by Richard Bausch 4-4

Letters To A Young Writer by Colum McCann 4-4

Prince Charles -- new bio 4-4-2017

The Romance Reader's Guide To Life fic 4-4-2017

Sam Shepard bio 4-11

The Great Unknown frontiers of science 4-11

The Delight Of Being Ordinary pope and dali lama go on road trip fic 4-11

Duels and deception ya austen spoofy romance 4-11

Void Star by Zachary Mason sci-fi 4-11

Music of The Ghosts -- litfic 4-11

Making It -- NYRB by Norman Pdhoretz 4-11

Long Black Veil -- trans writer, high praise 4-11

If We Were Villains mys theater 4-11

The land of Enterprise -- business history of US 4-11

Sunshine State essays on FL by Sara Gerard 4-11

Cave Dwellers - fic by Richard Grant about attempt to unseat Hitler 4-11

The Souls Of China -- nonfic religion shaping China's future 4-11

The Givers -- nonfic secretive world of philanthropy 4-11

The Stars Are Fire by Anita Shreve 4-18

Vincent and Theo ya bio 4-18

Change Agent sci-fi mys 4-18

Meg and Linus ya queer drama club

Spoils lit fic debut afghan war 4-18

The Good Assassin mys series, Cuba this time 4-18

Jane Crow =-- gay bio 4-18

Entropy in Bloom horror/sci-fi short stories acclaim 4-18

DNA Is Not Destiny science book 4-18

the Night She Won Miss America

A Line Made By Walking 

Janesville -- collapse of GM plant in Paul Ryan's hometown 4-18

Infinite Tuesday bio of Monkee Michael Nesmith 4-18

Killers of The Flower Moon: Osage murders and birth of modern FBI 4-18

My Cat Yugoslavia -- lit fic 4-18

My Adventures With God -- by actor Stephen Tobolowsky essays, stories 4-18

The Golden legend -- Pakistani lit fic 4-18

Beartown -- by Fredrik Backman Man Called Ove  4-25

All The Rivers -- Israelie/Pales romance litfic 4-25

Startup -- by Doree Shafir litfic 4-25

Dreaming The Beatles by Rob Sheffield 4-25

A Single Spy espionage soviet placed in nazi world, acclaim 4-25

Incendiary -- his mys birth of criminal profilers, NYC bomber 4-25

Feast of Sorror -- chef in ancient rome 4-25

The Last Bell -- short stories by Prague writer 4-25

The Whole Thing Together -- author of Traveling Pants ya 4-25

Walks With Walser bio of mad writer 4-25

The Teeth Of The Comb stories by Syrian refugee 4-25

Anything Is Possible REVIEW Janet 

MAY 2017

Trajectory by Richard Russo stories 5-2

Jane Austen: The Secret radical -- nonfic reappraisal 5-2

Murder Between The Lines -- second in mys series 5-2

Behave - nonfic on what makes us behave, rave reviess 5-2

The Color of Law -- nonfic on segregation at fed state and local level 5-2

Murderous Mayhem At Honeychurch Hall mystery mother daughter 5-2

No One Can Pronounce My Name -- lit fic about immigrants 5-2

One Day We'll All Be Dead And None Of This Will Matter -- essays about being an immigrant, child of Indian immigrants 5-2

Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool -- memoir about former lover of Gloria Grahame about her coming into his boisterous family's life during her final weeks 5-2

Ginny Moon aka The Original Ginny Moon -- ya autistic girl 5-2

Punk Avenue -- pop culture history, punk scene NYC Debbie Harry intro 5-2

Vanguard sci-fi May 2

Men Without Women stories by Murakami 5-9

The Road To Camelot -- JFK to White House non fic 5-9

House Of Names by Colm Toibin 5-9

Since We Fell -- Lehane 5-9

The Last Iota -- sci-fi mystery noir 5-9

A Rising Man -- new mys series, era of Raj 5-9

My Soul Looks Back memoir black writer, friends w Maya et al 5-9

Food Of The Gods -- fantasy mystery 5-9

Scars of Independence pop history US founding 5-9

Clayton Byrd Goes Underground -- middle grade about kid aspiring to blues 5-9

Dinner With Dimaggio

Based On A True Story -- obsessive female friendship 5-9

The Girl Who Knew Too Much mys 1930s Hollywood setting 5-9

Eleanor Oliphant lit fic 5-9

Nature Poem -- Tommy Pico Native American queer 5-9

Aliens -- science book; search for ET 5-9

Saints For All Occasions -- bestseller fic sisters Ireland to US (gay subplot) 5-9

There Your Heart Lies by mary gordon fic spanish civil war 5-9

How To make A Wish -- lesbian ya 5-2 Target Omega -- debut thriller 5-9

Otis Redding bio 5-16 

Kintu litfic Ugandan history sweeping tale 5-16

The Scribe Of Siena litfic 5-16

Apollo 8 5-16

testimony Scott Turow

Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child X-files ish 5-16

The Fact Of A Body murder memoir 5-16

The Only Language They Understand Israel/Palestine 5-16

Quicksand Pond ya tale middle grade Newberry honor author 5-16 -- not yet

York: The Shadow Cipher ya about kids in alternate history NYC 5-16

Off Speed by Terry McDermott -- sports book on pitching 5-16

Ernest Hemingway -- new bio 5-16

Wicked Frat Boys erotica 5-16

The Only Child thriller by Andrew Pyper son of Frankenstein and Dracula et al 5-23; Rotter review?

The Heirs -- Edith Wharton-like novel acclaim 5-23


The Long Drop mys stand-alone 5-23

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan 5-23

The Illustrious House Of Ramirez new trans of comic novel 5-23

Investigations of A Dog Kafka stories new trans 5-23

Standard deviation -- litfic by female Heiny, husband leaves wife then wants to be friends 5-23

Chemistry by Weike Wang lit fic 5-23

The Dying Detective -- swedish standalong thriller 5-23\m-- Rotter review

Wicked Wonders -- short stories by Ellen Klages 5-23

A Fine Retribution by Dewey Lambdin 5-30

CROSSING Ebenezer Creek ya 5-30

Trophy Son -- novel about kid raised to be #1 male tennis player in the world 5-30

The Hidden Icon by Jillian Kuhlman fantasy 5-30

Once In Lourdes -- litfic 5-30

I Believe In A Thing Called Love YA k-drama 5-30

JUNE 2017

Grief Cottage -- new litfic by Gail Goodwin (Flora) 6-6

The Bright Hour cancer memoir starred reviews 6-6

Wolf On A String mys 6-6

Before We Were Yours litfic orphans 6-6

Do Not Become Alarmed -- lit thriller 6-6

The best Land under heaven -- history donner party 6-6 

If I understood you would I have this look on my face alan alda 6-6

The Trial of Adolph Hitler 6-6

The Daughter Of Sherlock Holmes 6-6

How To Be A Muslim -- auto 6-6

Dis Mem Ber by Joyce Carol Oates mys 6-6

Not So Good A Gay man bio 6-6

She Rides Shotgun mys 6-6

Boy by Blake Nelson ya 6-6

Magpie Murders -- mys a la Agatha by Anthony Horowitz 6-6

Dividing Eden -- ya fantasy, siblings vie for throne 6-6

Everybody's Son litfic 6-6

The Essex Serpent -- UK lit fic turned into hit by waterstones 6-6

The Shark Club -- Ann Kid Taylor 6-6

Fly Me -- litfic 1972 airline stewardess 6-6

The People We Hate At The Wedding fic humorous 6-6

The Only Child -- modern thriller w horror element, psychopath says he inspired Frankenstein, Dracula et al      6-6-2017

The Last Kid left -- mys/sudden fame humorous novel 6-6

The Changeling by Victor LaValle 6-13 REVIEW

Soldier Boy ya

SLAVEs of the Switchboard sci-fi comedy 6-13

The Ultimatum -- mys 6-13

Grown Up Anger Dylan Guthrie 6-13

Scribbled In The Dark poetry Charles Simic 6-13

I was told to come alone german sci-fi litfic 6-13

Mad -- Italian thriller identical twins 6-13

You Don't Have To Say you Love me -- memoir by Sherman Alexie 6-13 REVIEW

A House Among The Trees by Julia Glass 6-13 gay children's book author and his asst

Believe me -- Eddie Izzard bio 6-13 XXX

The Last Place you Look -- mys series debut bisexual lead 6-13

Small Hours novel lit thriller 6-13

The Accomplished Guest -- Ann Beattie short stories 6-13

One Nation Under Gold -- history 6-13

Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore 6-13 REVIEW

The Ends Of The World science volcanoes natural destruction 6-13

Matchup -- mys anthology pairing female and male thriller writers 6-13

Young Radicals -- nonfic about six radicals prior to WW I 6-13

Daring To Drive -- Saudi woman memoir 6-13 Emily and the Spellstone -- kids novel by writer for Samantha Bee 6-13-2017

REVIEW: The Marsh King's Daughter thriller, blurbs lee Child karin Slaughtere 6-13

REVIEW: The Templar's Last Secret 6-13

Heavens On Earth -- Cloud Atlas-like novel by carmen boullosa  6-20-2017

Night Thoughts essays Wallace Shawn 6-20

The Boy Who Loved Too Much -- ROTTER

Stranger by David Bergen litfic 6-20

Kangaroo Too sci-fi mys 6-20

The Strange Case Of The Alchemist's Daughter PWstarred fantasy/mys 6-20

Kiss carlo by Adriana Trigiani 6-20

REVIEW JR The Boy Who Loved Too Much -- science bio kid w rare trusting disease 6-20
The Asylum Of Dr Caligari by james Morror praise by Harlan Ellison et al 6-20 -- ROTTER

******Quiet Until the Thaw -- novel by Alexandra Fuller 6-27-2017 REVIEW

The Waking Land -- ya fantasy a la Uprooted 6-27

Amatka sci-fi female 6-27

The Windfall litfic India family gets rich 6-27\

Murder On Black Swan Lane 6-27

Poets of the Bible -- 6-27

The making Of Jane Austen history work 6-25-2017

****Spoonbenders -- family of psychics on lam from CIA 6-27

Aftercare Instructions ya novel w theater play backdrop 6-27

Prisoner of War ya about bataan death march teen enlistee 6-27

Shark Drunk == two guys true story catch shark, makes em drunk! 6-27

JULY 2017

Who Is Rich by matthew Klam -- reviewed by Rotter 7-4 REVIEW

The Last Cowboys Of San Geronomo western under 200 pages 7-4

The Last Laugh -- grandmas in Greece 7-4

City Of Masks mys period venice 7-4

Wooly by Ben Mexrich 7-4

Heroine Worship fantasy asian 7-4

The Hidden Machinery Margot Livesay on writing 7-4

Overboard (Survivor Diaries) kids book 7-4-2017

Patrick Henry bio 7-4

All We Shall Know litfic teacher affair 17 year old student Irish 180 pages 7-4

Rethinking Political Islam -- OUP 7-4-2017

Watch Me Disappear mys ROTTER REVIEW 7-11

The Bookshop at water's End by patti Callahan henry 7-11

What We Lose lit fic 7-11

Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up Eight 7-11

The Fifth Ward: First Watch 7-11

So Much Things To Say -- BoB marley oral history 7-11

American Fire nonfic  arson spree 7-11

Tomorrow's Kin 7-11

Goodbye Vitamin 7-11

Hannibal bio 7-11

Why by Mario Livio pop science on curiosity 7-11 S&S

Perish From the Earth -- second abe lincoln mys 7-11

The Chickenshit Club -- nonfic about Justice dept and big business 7-11

Fierce Kingdom -- thriller mom and child at zoo; big push  7-11-2017

Found Audio short litfic 7-11

Hello Sunshine comm fic martha stewart like celeb w burning secret 7-11

It All Comes Down To This ya 7-11

A Life Of Adventure and delight 7-11

Ten Dead Comedians mys 7-11

Grace 7-11

Like A Falling Shadow FSG litfic/memoir 7-18\

Less gay novel 7-18

The Late Show by John Connelly

Arrowood 7-18

The Breakdown mys second by debut success story 7-18

Equipment For Living -- nonfic on poetry and music 7-18

One For Sorrow -- kids ghost story, influenza, bullying 7-18-2017

A Distant View of Everything by Alexander McCall Smith mys 7-18

The Epiphany machine tattoos alt history of NYC fic 7-18

The Punch Escrow -- sci-fi thriller good raves 7-25

Refugee ya 7-25

Gather The Daughters dystopian litfic 7-25

Killing Is My Business sci-fi mystery 7-25

Strange Practice -- doctor to the undead 7-25

The Lying Game mys 7-25

The Unwomanly Face Of War journalism Pevear Volokohonsky 7-25

Age of Swords fantasy part two 7-25

The Apprentice Witch -- ya fantasy, good reviews Scholastic 7-25

Defiance: The Extraordinary Life of Lady Anne Barnard -- his bio 7-25


The Clockwork Dynasty -- steampunk great cover 8-1

Safe by Ryan Gattis crime novel FSG raves from fellow authors 8-1 JANET ROTTER REVIEW 8-1

Sense of Occassion harold prince memoir 8-1

Dying memoir 8-1

Mrs Fletcher by Tom Perrotta litfic 8-1

Brave Deeds -- Bagdad war novel author of Fobbit 8-1 

Vengeance Is mine, All Others Pay Cash (160 pages) 8-1

The Half-Drowned King viking saga 8-1 MICHAEL REVIEW

Black Light Express -- Philip Reeve sci-fi 8-1

The readymade Thief debut 8-1

The Lauras litfic 8-1

Impossible Views Of The World -- mys/airport novel museum setting 8-1

See What I Have Done -- lit fic on Lizzie Borden 8-1-2017

Shadow of The Lions -- prep school mystery/Descret History 8-1

The Locals by Jonathan Dee litfic hedge fund millionaire running for mayor 8-8 ROTTER REVIEW

The Kelloggs -- nonfic about kellog brothers of battle creek michigan 8-8 GILTZ REVIEW

The Bettencourt Affair nonfic scandal 8-8

The Talented Ribkins fic 8-8

The Good Daughter Karin Slaughter 8-8

The Amber Shadows mys 8-8 XXX

dead To begin With -- mys small texas town 8-8

Drinks With Dead Poets fic 8-8

The Great Quake -- nonfic on 1964 Alaskan earthquake 8-8

Why Buddhism is True 8-8 GILTZ REVIEW

The  New Voices Of Fantasy anthology by Beagle 8-8

Things That Happened Before The Earthquake  fic ROTTER REVIEW 8-15

The World Broke In Two history modernism 8-15

how To Behave in a crowd 8-15

Notes On A Foreign Country 8-15

Wild Things 8-15

The Wardrobe Mistress romance his fic 8-15 XXX

Ghost Of The Innocent Man true crime 8-15

The Mountain: stories by Paul Yoon 8-15

The Wardrobe Mistress his fiction 8-15 XXX

Rethinking Political Islam essays c urrent 8-14 OUP

Controlled Burn LGBTQIA 8-14

Letters To His Neighbor -- Proust nonfic 8-22 GILTZ REVIEW

Stay With Me by Adabeyo 8-22 ROTTER REVIEW

The History of Bees nonfic 8-22 ROTTER REVIEW

Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments NYT column 8-22

The Red-Haired Woman by Orhan Parmuk 8-22

The Sorbonne Affair mys 8-22

Vanished!  YA mys 8-22

Midwinter Break short Scottish novel 8-22

The Heart's Invisible Furies by author of Boy In Striped Pajamas history of Ireland 8-22

Glass Houses by Louise Penny REVIEW BY ROTTER 8-29

All The Dirty Parts by Daniel handler/Lemony dirty minded teen 8-29

The Van Gogh Deception ya thriller 8-29

Other men's Daughters NYRB 8-29

The Resurrection of Joan Ashby litfic 8-29

guArdian of the Griffin;'s Claw

An Alchemy of Masques fantasy 8-29

Mask of Shadows new fantasy 8-29 GILTZ REVIEW

Quakeland science on earthquakes 8-29 GILTZ REVIEW

Seance Infernale 8-29

The Book Of Disquiet new edition, New Directions 8-29

The Burning Girl by Claire Messud litfic 8-29


Amatka sci-fi female
Arrowood -- Holmes competitor
Augustown -- Jamaican novel
Before The Fall -- thriller by creator of TV Fargo
Black Edge -- business nonfic hedge fund shenanigans
The Book Of Disquiet new edition
Born A Crime Trevor Noah
Career of Evil (Robert Galbraith mys)
Central Station
The Chilbury Ladies' Choir (book club fiction)
City On Fire
Conclave by Robert Harris Vatican thriller
A Country Road, A Tree follow-up to Longbourne 
Daughter Of The Pirate King (ya fantasy)
Days Without End -- gay historical fic Sebastian Barry
Death Going Down (mystery)
Dodge City (popular history)
Drive -- nonfiction about early years of auto industry 
Elena Ferrante
Empire of Cotton
Everyone Brave Is Forgiven by Chris Cleave
Farthest Field
The Fine Art of Murder
A Gentleman In Moscow -- lit fic
The Gilded Razor
The Girl at the Baggage Claim (social commentary East-West)
The Good Daughter Karin Slaughter 
Hallelujah Anyway Anne Lamott -- 4-4
The Heart Goes Last Margaret Atwood
Here Comes The Sun -- fic debut
Heroes Of The Frontier by Dave Eggers 
H is for Hawk
Holding by Graham Norton
Home By Nightfall Mys London period
House Of Names by Colm Toibin
How To Survive A Plague 
How To Survive A Summer (gay conversion camp)
Huck out West -- by Robert Coover
I'll Have What She's Having -- Nora Ephron rom-com
Infomocracy (not on Kindle)
The Japanese Lover by Isabelle Allende
Joe Gould's Teeth
Katharine Of Aragon -- Alison Weir fiction
A Little Life
Lost and Gone Forever Alex Grecian mystery
Loving, Caught, Back all by Henry Green reissue NYRB
The Man Who Spoke Snakish
Mapp Lucia reissues Worshipful and Queen and Lucia
The Mirror Thief
Mister Monkey -- fiction/theater 
Mrs. Engels
Ninefox Gambit (not on Kindle)
Nine Lives new Mys series Wendy Corsi Staub
The Nix
The Paper Menagerie
Pirate Utopia sci-fi fantasy by Bruce Sterling
Requiem for the American Dream -- Noam Chomsky
Richard Nixon bio John Farrell
The Sacred Hunt Duology
Secondhand Time
Shark Drunk == two guys true story catch shark, makes em drunk!
The 6:41 To Paris
Sleeping Giants (not on Kindle)
The Soul Of An Octopus
The Stone Reader NYT philosophy column
The Stranger In The Woods -- RS reporter on hermit
Strangers In Their Own Land -- nonfic look at American right on ground level
Substitute -- Nicholson Baker memoir sub teacher
Swing Time Zadie Smith
The Sympathizer
Thirteen Ways Of Looking
Thrice The Brinded cat Hath Mewed new flavia de luce
The Tide -- popular science on tides
Tomorrow's Kin  sci-fi alien first contact
Too Like The Lightning
Twelve Kings (fantasy)
Vision Quest (ya)
We'll Always Have Casablanca (pop culture)
The White Ghost by James R Benn WW II Mys
Young Radicals -- nonfic about six radicals prior to WW I
Yvgeny Onegin -- new trans of Pushkin

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