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Here's a week by week tracking of box office around the world. It is compiled by pulling from every possible source: ComScore, Box Office Mojo, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, charts for countries like China and India and South Korea, individual stories in trade or general interest newspapers, Wikipedia and anywhere else discussing box office around the world. 

The weekly charts contain the total gross for every movie in theaters around the world during those seven days. If a movie opens on a Thursday, we include all the box office from Thursday through Sunday. If it opens on a Tuesday night, we cover all six days. If it opens on a Sunday (as some movies do in India or wherever, depending on holidays), then we include the box office for that one day. If a movie was released before the current week, we include the box office for all seven days. Why ignore the box office from Monday through Thursday, as most charts do when tallying the latest weekend and focusing on new releases? 

How do we arrive at this number? We take the total worldwide box office we have for a movie, subtract from it the previous week's total worldwide box office...and that's how much it made during the past seven days. Naturally, territories and movies sometimes fall through the cracks but we are as up to date as we can be, given our dependence on other outlets for the basic info. 

First I list box office on every film we can from around the world. Any movie grossing at least US $1 million will be on here if we get info on it. Then I give some thoughts on the box office overall and individual films. That's followed by notes where I give info on any movies not from Hollywood. So Despicable Me 4 you know. But a small Korean comedy or French drama? That I'll identify for you as best I can. 

So here we go....


A film's total gross for the entire previous week is followed by its worldwide total to date.

1. Despicable Me 4 –– $205m/$230m worldwide total

2. Inside Out 2 –– $202m/$1,217m ww

3. A Quiet Place: Day One –– $79m/$178m ww

4. A Place Called Silence -- $54m ww debut

5. Kalki 2898 A.D. –– $43m/$109m ww

6. Bad Boys: Ride or Die –– $28m/$360m ww

7. The Count of Monte Cristo – $20m ww debut

8. Moments We Shared –– $14m/$65m ww

9. Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 1–– $14m/$ 25m ww

10. MaXXXine -- $8m ww debut

11. Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot -- $7m ww debut

12. The Bikeriders –– $6m/$30m ww

13. Jatt & Juliet 3 –– $6m/$ 9m ww

14. Customs Frontline –– $6m/$ 17m ww

15. Welcome To My Side -- $5m ww debut

16. The Garfield Movie –– $5m/$245m ww

17. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes –– $4m/$393m ww

18. Escape -- $4m ww

19. A Legend -- $4m ww debut

20. Kinds of Kindness -- $4m/$7m ww

21. The Fall Guy –– $3m/$176m ww

22. Hijack 1971 –– $3m/$10m ww

23. Handsome Guys –– $3m/$ 6m ww

24. Life Hotel –– $2m/$ 8m ww

25. Umbrella Fairy -- $2m ww debut

26. Thelma –– $2m/$7m ww

27. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga –– $2m/$171m ww

28. If –– $1m/$185m ww

29. Tarot –– $1m/$49m ww

30. The Exorcism –– $1m/$7m ww

Bold: movies that have tripled their reported budgets.

This makes them likely hits from box office alone.

ww: worldwide

mb: a film's budget so $50mb means it cost $50m to make.


So people love animated films? Last year Hollywood learned people like to see two really different movies coming out in the same week. Hence, Barbenheimer. Now they've learned people just want to see animated movies. The truth is people want to see movies. They'll see a movie about a physicist (if the movie is directed by the hugely popular Christopher Nolan). They'll go see a movie based on a toy (if it's clever and smart like Barbie). And they'll go see sequels like Inside Out 2 and Despicable Me 4. 

Inside Out 2's victory is bittersweet. Disney sent a bunch of Pixar films straight to streaming, which they pretended meant no one would go to a movie theater ever again to see a Pixar film, at least not in big numbers. Uh, no. Then they realized Inside Out 2 would be a hit. But they wanted to save some money after disastrously tossing $200mb movies onto a streaming service that charged like $8 a month. So they fired 14% of Pixar's staff just weeks before the movie came out. Otherwise they would look like big jerks. Maybe they had overstaffed Pixar? But boy it continues to turn out quality fare. It's likely Disney will double down on "franchises" when frankly, that's about tapped out for the label. Do we want Toy Story 5? We do not. I mean, it could be great, but still..... 

And maybe Kevin Costner will have the last laugh? After a very modest opening week of $11m, his epic western Horizon at least showed some staying power by grossing more in its second week, thanks to a $14m haul. Older adults aren't inclined to flock to a cinema on opening weekend. Plus, it's three hours long, so any showtime after 7 pm is a hard sell. If they're lucky, this will play and play throughout the rest of the summer. Theaters just need to be patient and schedule it right and Costner needs to keep promoting it anywhere and everywhere. One can't help thinking a 12 hour, four part Western should have been a miniseries, especially when Part One takes a long time to get going. But maybe people will latch onto Part Two? But maybe that means Part One needs to be in homes so people can catch up before the second one opens August 16? But maybe that means Part One needs to stay in theaters so they don't expect all of it to be on streaming right away? It's a bummer about Yellowstone, but I'm still rooting for Costner to somehow pull this away from disaster. God knows we're probably not going to see a fifth Mad Max anytime soon. 

Director Jeff Nichols is $3m away from having his critically acclaimed film The Bikeriders become his highest grossing film of all time at $33m. Two problems. One, it cost $35mb. Two, it's hitting streaming, so maybe that won't help him any. 


4. A Place Called Silence -- Chi crime thriller; almost certainly based on a 2022 Korean film, based on the trailers and plot descriptions. I've no idea of the budget but given the type of film and scale of project, I assume this is a clear box office winner. 

5. Kalki 2898 AD is a $75m Indian Telugu sci-fi film. It may be the most expensive Indian film (not adjusting for inflation) in history, certainly the most expensive film made in the Telugu language. It's one more sign that the strength of Indian cinema (which is slowly rebounding) stretches way beyond Bollywood (Hindi-language films). 

7. The Count of Monte Cristo (Fr drama; $46mb) -- An elaborate French drama from the people behind the recent Three Musketeers two-part extravaganza. That one did not travel unfortunately, despite good reviews. This will need to score around the world to be a hit from box office alone, which seems unlikely.  Still, it should prove a valuable library title for years to come, given similar strong reviews. 

8. Moments We Shared (Chi drama) -- This is the story of a young man washing out in the big city and returning home to his grandmother's small town, determined to make a go of her canteen. No points for guessing he'll realize he's right where he belongs. Given its scale, this too seems a box office winner. But again, we're just guessing. 

10. MaXXXine -- third in horror film franchise. First two were made for $1mb and topped out at $15m ww. 

11. Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot ($9mb) -- faith based film about adoption. Grossed its budget on opening weekend, so if it has legs this will soon be a winner too. 

Escape -- SK thriller about NK soldier who defects, chased by obsessed major 

13. Jatt & Juliet 3 is an Indian Punjabi rom-com. The three films in the Jatt & Juliet franchise are rom-coms starring the same two actors but each is described as a "spiritual" sequel, that is, not necessarily the same characters or storyline. Anyway, the first two became the highest grossing films of all time in the Punjabi language and of course they hope to keep the streak going. 

14. Customs Frontline is a Hong Kong thriller, possibly in previews.  Another action film from HK scores solid numbers, a turnaround since HK films were faring poorly in the mainland of China for awhile. 

15. Welcome To My Side/Huan Ying Lai Dao Wo Shen Bian (Chi rom-comic fantasy) -- A Wacky Chinese comic romance in which a guy has an accident...and starts seeing giant rubber duckies everywhere. Soon everyone around him looks and talks like a giant rubber duckie. Then he spots a beautiful woman who doesn't look like a giant rubber duckie and falls in love. 

18. Escape (SK thriller) -- A soldier in North Korea defects to the south, only to be hunted down by a Javert-like fanatical major.  

19. A Legend (Chi fantasy drama) -- The legend Jackie Chan stars in an action fantasy in which scientists exploring a glacier find themselves caught up in an ages-old fight between good and evil. Young people seem to carry the bulk of the action in flashbacks, but Chan still brings it, at least in the trailer. 

22. Hijack 1971 (K drama) -- Korean drama about the hijacking of an 1971. Hey, there's no reason to get fancy with a title. 

23. Handsome Guys (K comedy) -- broad comedy from Korea. 

24. Life Hotel (Chi drama) -- Crime thriller/comedy set in old folk's home? Care facility? The trailer is a little confusing on this one. 

25. Umbrella Fairy (Chi animated) -- A modest animated film from China, about a vengeful sword and fairies and so on. Not quite kiddie fare but for middle grade and up. 


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