Friday, January 13, 2006

SciFi Friday -- "Battlestar Galactica" Preview

Part Two of "Resurrection Ship" airs tonight and without any spoilers, I can tell you it's a corker. Dueling assassination plots, more torture, thoughtful debates on the dehumanization of the enemy and whether it's worth surviving if you turn your back on the values you hold dear: it's the best show on TV right now. The last moments are unexpectedly tender but you don't want to miss the first moments either: Apollo goes swimming.

Some good news: fans of "Dr. Who" will be happy to hear the new version starring Christopher Eccleston is finally coming to America via SciFi Fridays in March. I posted the news yesterday.

Some bad news: "Galactica's" creator Ronald D. Moore is working on a new show for SciFi called "Basement 13" and that's distressing. Nothing throws a monkey wrench into a successful series like having to launch a new show. One of them usually suffers and it's usually the original. Here's hoping Moore bucks that trend but don't be surprised if Season Three this summer falters a bit.


Michael in New York said...

By the way, I'm off to dinner with a friend from LA so no new posts for a few hours -- but there's about a hundred waiting for you from this past week. Enjoy the show and keep coming back.

IowaNiceGuy said...

Tonight's episode was awesome.

Next week looks equally awesome.

Gyrobo said...

If it's not Sci-fi Friday, it's not really Friday.

Unless it's Thurday in disguise.

Gyrobo said...

Not Thursday. Thurday. It's how it's pronounced on the moon. In the future.

Anonymous said...


I love that line and I'm stealing it for future spelling bloopers.


inpixels said...

Pull out your weapon and shoot admiral Kane in the head

what's my name, M? said...

I've been checking iTunes every hour since I woke up (early) waiting for "Resurection Ship, Pt. 2" to post.

I haven't missed cable, until now.

Michael in New York said...

Hey, what's my name, when did it become available? At the latest, I know it was up at noon. Anyone spot BG on sale earlier than that?